Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Seven Wells Coming Off Confidential List Tuesday; Several Whiting Pronghorn Prospect Wells

CNBC, 2nd from the top, headline story: serial entrepreneur finds gold in North Dakota oil boom. It's just a repeat of stories posted earlier regarding CNBC's recent visit to North Dakota. Link is here:
Sometimes serendipity happens in the strangest places. Case in point: Williston, N.D.
We flew into the Bakken boomtown and needed a place to do our TV show the next day. We found a hot new restaurant and asked if we could film there. They were more than happy to oblige, and the coolest thing was that the owner was a guy we probably should have heard of before.His name is Marcus Jundt, CEO of Williston Holding Co., which owns the Williston Brewing Co.--the spot we did the show from--and three other restaurants in town.
Of course, the rest of the story is at the link.

Active rigs: 182

Wells coming off the confidential list Wednesday: 
  • 21090, 468, Whiting, Pronghorn Federal 34-9PH, Park, t5/13; cum 17K 8/13;
  • 23849, 572, Whiting, Pronghorn Federal 44-9PH, Park, t5/13; cum 13K 8/13;
  • 23850, 508, Whiting, Pronghorn State Federal 41-16PH, Park, t5/13; cum 17K 8/13;
  • 24675, 694, CLR, Jerol 4-27H1, Lindahl, t9/13; cum --
  • 25035, 1,356, Whiting, Berry 14-11-1H, Cartwright, t5/13; cum 34K 8/13;
  • 25186, drl, QEP, Bert 1-2-11BH, Grail, no production data,
  • 25436, 280, Samson Resources, Stingray 1819-1H, Ambrose, t8/13; cum 5K 8/13;

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