Sunday, October 27, 2013

Just For The Fun Of It -- Satellite Views Of The Oil Patch

If you have absolutely nothing else to do today, you might have some fun looking at CLR's 14-well Atlanta pad in Baker oil field southwest of Williston.

Go to Google maps.

Find Williston.

Pan to the Missouri River bridge, US Highway 85, about six miles southwest of Williston.

Make your viewing area big enough to include US Highway 85 (the bridge over the Missouri River) on the east (right side) and State Highway 1804 on the west (left side). Place the river at the bottom of your viewing area.

Midway between State Highway 1804 on the left and US Highway 85/bridge on your right, you will see a large industrial area. This is obviously an old satellite photo; the pad is completed, and about half of the wells are completed; it is possible all fourteen are drilled to depth, or very close.

Now that you have found the 14-well pad, either zoom out or pan north about one mile to another great satellite view, a pad with one pumper and 12 tanks clearly visible:
  • 24742, 911, Zenergy, K2 Holdings 31-32H, Todd, t5/13; cum 37K 8/13;
Todd oil field, is, of course, the field of dreams. Smile.

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