Sunday, August 4, 2013

Back At The Ranch...

... be sure to visit Jessie Veeder's blog today.

You know she's North Dakota through and through when you see this: sunflower seeds --
... when you live in the middle of nowhere, pretty much everywhere you need to go involves a road trip.  So it’s a good thing  I’ve had years to master hours of car time. Sunflower seeds.
Wow, isn't that the truth? I think I grew up on sunflower seeds.  And shelled sunflower seeds should be outlawed except, perhaps, for salads. Where's Mayor Bloomberg.

Hey, speaking of Mayor Bloomberg, has anyone noticed the new 16-oz Coke cans? At least I think they are 16 ounce-cans. I just noticed them the other day; I forget where, maybe Target. But they were "huge" -- must taller than the standard 12-ounce cans.

Yes, here's a link. Sounds like they might still be hard-to-find. Wow, talk about a clash of titans: Warren probably loves the big-can idea; his close friend Mayor Bloomberg probably hates them.

Coca-Cola: talk about throwing this in Mayor Bloomberg's face. By the way, Mayor Bloomberg's "big gulp" law was found unconstitutional.

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