Friday, June 28, 2013


I happened to catch a bit of the Sean Hannity radio "show" today -- only because a) I was "surfing" through radio stations looking for some music; and, b) I had just finished listening to a bit of Rush.

I say all that because I want to make it clear I do not care for Sean Hannity.

But this was pretty neat. I "see" Sean has "new" music as a lead-in to his segments. The song: "Bulletproof."

This could be a) a trailer for a new Jimmy Neutron movie; and/or b) an ad for tennis shoes.

Bulletproof, La Roux

The song and the video have been around, like, forever (released in 2009).

I think Elly Jackson could be a formidable NASCAR icon. She has the walk, the swagger, the suit, the look.

From wiki:
He went on to give five points on why the song is good: marvellous verses, marvellous chorus, the music serves the song brilliantly, less shrill to the singing, and the vocoder breakdown. "Bulletproof" was listed at number twenty-five on Rolling Stone's list of The 25 Best Songs of 2009.
I posted it at my music site on November 7, 2009. [Warning: do not click on that music site link unless you have a very fast internet connection. Otherwise, it will really mess up your browsing experience.]

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