Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thursday Morning Links -- Minimal Blogging After 8:30 AM Today

One thing you can say about the president: when public opinion polls demand it, he can act fast. In light of the IRS "outrageous" (the president's words) activity of the IRS, he accepted the resignation of the outgoing interim IRS chief. The interim chief was due to depart in June anyway. 

Active rigs: 194

RBN Energy: review of condensates, and how they differ from region to region

WSJ Links: Abbreviated

Section D (Personal Journal)

Section C (Money & Investing):

Section B (Marketplace):
Companies' pursuit of "big data"—collecting and crunching ever larger amounts of information—is often thought of as another way to figure out exactly what customers want. But big data is also a means of measuring millions of little things in factories, such as how many times each screw is turned.
That is what Raytheon Co. is doing at a new missile plant in Huntsville, Ala. If a screw is supposed to be turned 13 times after it is inserted but is instead turned only 12 times, an error message flashes and production of the missile or component halts, says Randy Stevenson, a missile-systems executive at Raytheon. Improvising with a defective screw or the wrong size screw isn't an option, he says. "It's either right or it's not right."
Deming is probably turning in his grave; he was doing this in Japan after WWII. Jack Welch six sigma over at GE has probably been doing this for awhile also. 

Section A: There appears to be a common theme coming out of the White House: I see nothing. I know nothing. I did not even get up out out of bed this morning.
I see nothing. I know nothing:

I See Nothing

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