Friday, May 10, 2013

BES: Bakken Energy Services

This is very, very interesting.

A reader sent me the URL link without saying anything more about it.

I know nothing about this organization other than what I find at the web site.

But what I see: very, very interesting.

I could be wrong, but it's sort of like a co-op among oil industry service companies. By combining their resources, and that means much more than just financial resources, this "co-op" can do things its members could not otherwise do on their own, or at least not as well on their own. It really helps newcomers to the Bakken.

Everything below is taken from their website with my own comments thrown in as I go along. If I make mistakes, that would not be unusual. I make a lot of mistakes but will correct them when I become aware of them.

There are currently 40 companies listed as part of the "BES Team." The 40 companies are located across the nation, but mostly in North Dakota and Montana. Most are "local" but there are several national companies, at least two that had their start in Alaska, it appears.  Going down the list: Fargo; Bozeman (MT); Williston; Minot; Bismarck; Dickinson; Grand Forks; area code 541 = Oregon; a company headquartered in Dallas (TX); Parshall (ND), Killdeer.

The co-op can provide just about any contracting service the oil industry needs for infrastructure support. There is a media company (radio station) associated with the group; there is a financial services company associated with the group.

As I go through the list, it's almost like a Rotary Club for the oil services support industry.

As you scroll up and down the list, it is easy to see the synergies that such a group provides. It really is quite amazing.

A couple of examples, again, much of this "cut and paste" from the website:

First, I get a kick out of Quality Mat. From the website: 
North Dakota’s largest inventory of Rig Mat can be found in Williston and Killdeer. Quality Mat has grown into the largest mat producers in the world and is one of the oldest companies in the business–we’ve been there since the beginning.Their area code is a Galveston, Texas, area code.
Then, Riley Brothers Construction: 
With locations Minot, Dickinson and Parshall,  ND locations Riley Construction Employing 130 construction professionals. We have  the latest technology, and an extensive equipment fleet of excavators, dozers, scrapers, trucks, paving equipment and support tools, heavy and highway. Their area code is central Minnesota, near Minneapolis.
Sandstone Services in Bismarck, ND: 
100 % Native American-owned oilfield services company operating in the Williston Basin. Sandstone Energy Services includes: mobile tire repair and sales, equipment rental, hot shot, and roustabout services.
An equipment rental/sales company specializing in oilfield services type equipment. The company was incorporated in 1991 and we rent equipment all over the State of Alaska, with our primary focus being the Kenai Peninsula and the North Slope. We also rent equipment in the Williston Basin in North Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana.
That just touches the surface. I could have picked any of the 40, but somehow those caught my eye(s) first. 

My mind keeps wandering back to those venture capitalists from New York, Connecticut, and Singapore looking for opportunities in the Bakken. Truly amazing what some folks think of doing.

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