Tuesday, April 16, 2013

For Investors Only: Folks May Want To Remember That There Are Estimates of 50,000 Bakken Wells Before It's All Over

About 6,000 now?

"Every" Bakken well will eventually be on a pump, and many (most?) within the first few years.*

You may want to remember those data points when reading this SeekingAlpha article: General Electric to be the real deal in artificial lift.


*This statement is an opinion. It is based on the data from the following permits:
  • 18000 - 18099
  • 18100 - 18199
  • 19000 - 19100
Of those permits, all were Bakken except four non-Bakken permits (I might be off by two or three).

Of those 300 permits (296 Bakken permits):
  • 48 were not completed (PNC/EXP/LOC/CONF)
Of the remaining 248:
  • 40 were not on a pump
  • 208 were on a pump
Experts in the field tell me that paperwork for wells is often delayed, and thus a few of wells said to still be flowing, may in fact be on a pump.

There was also a suggestion (in the data of 300 wells) that the more recent wells are getting placed on pumps sooner than the earlier wells, but not enough data to say for sure, and not in the mood to collect more data; maybe some other time.

Again, I only went through the list once, and I went through it quickly, so there may be small errors.

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