Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wells Coming Off Confidential List Monday, Weekend; A Monster EOG Well; A Monster Sequel Well; So Much For Talk Of The End Of The Bakken Boom

Monday, March 18, 2013
20133, 480, EOG, Hardscrabble 3-3328H, Sixmile, flaring; t9/12; cum 38K 1/13;
21057, 2,982, BR, Hilman 31-29H, Haystack Butte, flaring; t12/12; cum 3K 1/13;
21591, 2,662, Newfield, Sand Creek Federal 153-96-23-14-2H, Keene, t2/13; cum --,
21717, 854, Sequel Energy, Temple 21-1H-2536-15996-TF, t1/13; cum 16K 1/13;
22486, 2,421, EOG, Hawkeye 100-2501H, Clarks Creek (see stand-alone post); 3-section spacing (1,920 acres); will this be a long lateral (9,000 feet) or a much-talked-about-seldom-seen-super-long lateral (14,000 feet)? I'm betting the latter. If accurate, a huge "thank you" to a reader. This well is NORTHEAST of Watford City. Did Lynn Helms misspeak or was he misquoted in The Bismarck Tribune when he said there was a gusher NORTHWEST of Watford City? If there is still another gusher NORTHWEST of Watford City that is better than this well, we are talking some big wells in the Bakken; t9/12; cum 213K 1/13;
23295, 2,592, BR, Mesa Verde 14-22TFH, Clear Creek, flaring, t1/13; cum 3K 1/13;
23440, drl, XTO, Thompson 21-11SH, Charlson;

Sunday, March 17, 2013 -- Happy St Patrick's Day
21559, drl, QEP, MHA 5-31-25H-150-92, Heart Butte, short lateral, less than a typical one-section lateral;
21944, 343, Hess, BL-Frisinger-156-95-2833H-1, Beaver Lodge; on a gas line; t11/12; cum 19K 1/13;
22886, drl, Hess, LK-Wing 146-97-2215H-4, Little Knife, very short lateral only half of a 1280-spacing unit;
23261, 3,880, BR, Mesa Verde 34-22TFH, Clear Creek, t2/13; cum --
23611, drl, CLR, Akron 4-23H, Banks, no production data; right in the sweet spot of the Bakken

Saturday, March 16, 2013
21718, 800, Sequel Energy, Overdorf 21-1H-0112-15896-MB, Temple; t1/13; cum 22K 1/13;; (see stand-alone post);
22302, drl, XTO, Mariana Trust 12X-20C, North Fork, no production data;
23441, drl, XTO, Thompson 21-11SWH, Charlson, no production data;
23470, drl, XTO, Lawlar 41-15SH, North Tobacco Garden, no production data

A Note To The Granddaughters

During the Vietnam War, a contractor-operated DC-8 landed on the wrong airfield in South Vietnam.

The control tower cleared the DC-8 to land at DaNang Air Base, and by mistake the co-pilot landed the plane at Marble Mountain Airfield – a remote operating location near Da Nang with only a 3200-foot runway.

This event is pretty well known in history among the "Non-Sched" flight crews flying the Military Airlift Command (MAC) charters in and out of Viet Nam.

When Seaboard World Flight Operations got the word on what happened, they contacted Douglas Aircraft Corp for advice.

Douglas Aircraft Corp said "take the aircraft apart and ship it home."  FAA said the same thing.

Pilots who are real pilots and not paper-pushers know whether or not the bird will do it -- these guys knew. So, instead, the pilot and co-pilot elected to try to get airborne on a less-than-adequate length runway – and succeeded, getting in the air about 300 feet from the end of the runway.

For safety concerns, the flight hostesses were left behind at the remote airstrip.

* Epilogue: Randy Trujillo made Captain (left-seat) in a United DC-8 and he called that DC-8 the Queen of the Fleet.

-- a huge "thank you to Larry" for sending the video and the commentary.


I have a similar story about a similar experience in the USAF while in Africa some years back, but I can't post it publicly. Again, to the granddaughters, when you find my journals after I'm cremated/buried at Miramar National Cemetery, next to your great-grandfather, whose own father was sent back to Mexico as an illegal alien some years earlier, you can read all about my experiences in the Air Force.

I Remember You, Slim Whitman, introduction by Andy Kauman


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