Monday, February 25, 2013

Southwestern Energy Mentions Its First Bakken Well in Sheridan County, Montana, in Quarterly Earnings Call

Don found this paragraph buried in Southwestern Energy's five-page earnings transcript at SeekingAlpha:
In 2012, we began production of our first test well targeting the Bakken formation in Sheridan County, Montana. This well achieved a peak rate of 171 barrels of oil per day and has been producing for over 4.5 months. We continue to monitor the production decline in this well, in addition to watching the activity around us, as there will be several more well results from other operators in the area over the next 6 months. We plan to spud our second well in Sheridan County in late second quarter, targeting the Three Forks objective.


  1. That is the Bedwell 33-52 1-1H in 33N-52E, Section 1. Southwestern is not a common name around those parts. It will be interesting to see if they continue drilling in that area. I believe this is a single Section spacing. Not exactly stellar production, but who knows. The well file has not yet been put on the MT Oil Gas website, so it's difficult to discern what they encountered during their drilling.

    1. Yes, I would assume this is early in the exploration phase. And like you note, we don't know number of frack stages, etc.