Thursday, February 14, 2013

For All That Hand-Wringing: More Coal To China; Shipped By Warren

Link provided by Don.
Gillette-based Cloud Peak Energy Inc. signed a deal to ship up to 16 million metric tons of coal a year through the Gateway Pacific Terminal at Cherry Point in Bellingham, Wash., the two companies announced Wednesday.
The coal will be exported to Asia, Colin Marshall, Cloud Peak Energy’s president and CEO, said in a prepared statement.
Coal would come from the Spring Creek mine near Decker, Mont., the Youngs Creek property acquired by Cloud Peak last year and land made available through recently announced option and exploration agreements with the Crow Tribe in Montana, the statement said.
The Kyoto Protocol excludes China from "mandates." Canada withdrew from the protocol. The US did not sign up to the Kyoto Protocol.


  1. Was in Bellingham last summer. There were a lot of signs and petition collectors around in opposition to the coal terminal. A state park overlooking Puget Sound, one could see five oil tankers waiting to unload their cargo for the Anacortes and Bellingham refineries. Meanwhile, well meaning young petitioners were begging us to sign for two reasons: (a) to save Puget Sound from coal dust pollution, (b)to save the world from burning up due to climate change. So with five oil tankers parked out in the Sound, coal dust (that must be mitigated by law) was this aweful boogeyman. Furthermore, they had never considered that withholding coal effectively is condemning millions of Asians to life without electricity, as somehow that is a wonderful moral stand.

    1. Well said.

      As noted often, these well-meaning young petitioners are satisfied/content with their lives. They don't think much beyond that.