Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ethane Rejection


February 27, 2013: if folks want to see how low price of ethane and propane are affecting the industry in real time, read pages 5 and 6 of ONEOK 4Q12 earnings call transcript.  ONEOK says things will improve when the price of ethane and propane improve (rise in price). Everything I've read suggests that things will get worse (lower ethane and propane prices) before they get better -- and it could last a long, long time.

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Yesterday, a reader sent in a great comment on "ethane rejection." RBN Energy has also written extensively on this subject. For those who missed it, I highly recommend you look at the linked post, and, if you have time, explore the site for RBN Energy stories on "ethane rejection." It's a huge story for investors and the US economy. There will be winners and losers. And plenty of investing opportunities.

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