Saturday, January 5, 2013

Guns ... and Hollywood --- Nothing About The Bakken

Tonight I'm watching the Vikings-Green Bay Packers playoff game. And then the trailer for the new Stallone movie, "Bullet To The Head" comes on. I assume there are not a trivial number of middle school boys watching the game with their dad, but maybe I'm wrong. Maybe NFL football has an advisory ... if so, I missed it.

But the "Bullet to the Head" trailer made me recall the recent YouTube video of the Hollywood "A" list telling America the gun violence has to stop.

Hollywood "A" List: Demand A Plan

Somehow, "Bullet To The Head" seen by middle school boys watching a football game doesn't seem appropriate. I wonder if the commercial is playing in Newtown, CT?


  1. Thought the same thing when I saw trailer run. Hollywoods hypocrisy on many fronts is sickening

    1. Thank you for your support. I honestly did not know if I wanted to post this; it is so far off topic. And I love the movies. But I'm getting tired of the hypocrisy, too.

      'Nuf said, not to beat a dead horse, but even if they "G" the trailer for an "R" movie to advertise on television, the title of this one is incredible: "Bullet To The Head" for a mainstream movie. Sad.