Sunday, December 9, 2012

Some Huge Wells Coming Off The Confidential List; KOG With a Huge Well; OXY USA With Another Nice Well; The London Array

Front page Los Angeles Times story: renewables will result in more fossil fuel requirements. The blog has talked about this before. Today's story sent in by a reader.

Bakken Operations

Active rigs: 181 (ties intra-boom low)

Wells coming off the confidential list this weekend:

Monday, December 10, 2012
  • 21289, 1,682, XTO, Ruby State 34X-36G, Grinnell, (interesting name for a well), t10/12; cum 19K 10/12;
  • 21426, 891, Slawson, Whirlwind 2-31H, Big Bend, t10/12; cum 7K 10/12;
  • 21500, 316, Samson Resources, St Helena 17-20-161-92H, Foothills, t10/12; cum 4K 10/12;
  • 22000, 1,185, Oasis, J H Van Berkom 5992 12-6H, Cottonwood, t6/12; cum 45K 10/12;
  • 22248, 1,387, XTO, Tuckerman 11X-11B, Lost Bridge, t8/12; cum 42K 10/12;
  • 22279, 1,108, OXY USA, State Kary 2-19-18H-144-96, Murphy Creek, t6/12; 44K 10/12;
  • 22610, 950, Denbury Onshore, Gilbertson 31-16SEH, Siverston, t11/12; cum --
  • 22635, drl, Hess, HA-Swenson-152-95-1819H-5, Hawkeye,
  • 22749, drl, CLR, Repetowski 1-36H, St Demetrius,
  • 22789, drl, BR, Morgan 21-28MBH 2NH, Pershing,
  • 22999, 2,201, BEXP, Jerome Anderson 10-15 5H, Alger, t10/12; cum 6K 10/12;
Sunday, December 9, 2012
  • 20555, 1,765, Zenergy, Nelson 14-23H, Banks, t8/12; cum 53K 10/12;
  • 22330, drl, BEXP, Taylor 14-23 1H, Elk,
  • 22795, 1.016, Hess, EN-Rehak 155-93-0718H-2, Alger, t9/12; cum 49K 10/12;
  • 22808, drl, BEXP, Cheryl 17-20 4H, Banks,
  • 22866, 763, CLR, Carpenter 1-12H, East Fork, t8/12; cum 28K 10/12;
  • 22988, 312, Samson Resources, Nomad 0607-5H, West Ambrose, t10/12; cum 9K 10/12;
Saturday, December 8, 2012
  • 20542, 1,068, EOG, Palermo 6-1819H, Ross, t7/12; cum 60K 10/12;
  • 20991, 1,053, EOG, Fertile 47-0712H, Parshall, t7/12; cum 62K 10/12;
  • 21613, 414, MRO, Ione Barstad USA 31-30H, Strandahl, t8/12; cum 3K 10/12;
  • 22416, drl, Hess, HA-Swenson Observation-18-2, Hawkeye,
  • 22422, 331, CLR, Bar PS 1-25H, Corinth, t8/12; cum 18K 10/12;
  • 22871, 2,457, KOG, P Alice 154-99-4-3-27-4H3, Epping, t8/12; cum 43K 10/12;

Miscellaneous Links

An "inconvenient truth": Indications that "green energy" is a passing fad that has passed its peak.

Al Gore's investment company was very, very aware of this fad and bailed out of "green energy" companies some time ago which was noted at this blog ... some time ago. 

Compare the chart at the first link with this chart: this company sells gasoline.

Disclaimer: this is not an investment site. Do not make any investment decisions based on what you read here.

Speaking of which: 17,000 grifters.
This year’s gathering involving some 17,000 delegates was characterized by the UN as a housekeeping session to tie up loose strands from three parallel sets of discussions and focus on the one due to culminate in three years. [17,000 delegates: think of the commercial flights, paper, air conditioning in Doha]

The complexity of the talks almost derailed the conference, with envoys working 27 hours past their deadline. Some negotiators left Qatar before the conclusion.
Definition of 'grifter': a practitioner of "confidence tricks." A confidence trick:
A confidence trick is an attempt to defraud a person or group after first gaining their confidence. A confidence artist is an individual operating alone or in concert with others who exploits characteristics of the human psyche such as dishonesty, honesty, vanity, compassion, credulity, irresponsibility, naïveté, or greed. [credulity: believing in anthropogenic global warming; naïveté: unfamiliar with scientific concepts; compassion: for those disappearing islands and struggling polar bears]
How is the world's largest off-shore wind farm doing? November 30, 2012 update
  • London Array; in the Thames estuary
  • Shell International, major partner, pulled out of this scheme back in 2008
  • several months delay; costing promoters millions
  • 151 of 175 turbines up and running; first electricity produced
  • phase I will be complete in 2013
  • promoter admits that it will not go ahead with expansion plans as planned
  • being held up by concerns over the red throated diver (a bird, not a human scuba diver in a red wet suit)
  • phase II was to have been 166 additional turbines; now somewhere between 35 and 65 more turbines
  • wind farm's final capacity to 870MW, still substantially lower that the 1GW originally planned -- direct quote from source
  • substantially lower production and significant cost overruns
  • a devil of a time finding what the cost of electricity from the London Array, but this helps:
You state Derek Birkett is against because of cost and availability of wind turbines to match the demand but if you had stated that for every £54 million of electricity the Array sold into the grid we will have to pay a subsidy of £122 million people would understand how daft massive wind power will become. As usual you have let the head of Renewables UK off the true costs by hiding behind the "helping us deliver our climate change objective.  -- Wow, for every $50 million sold into the grid, it will cost the British consumer more than $100 million in subsidy. 
And this:
But at present, offshore wind is still one of the most expensive forms of renewable power, costing up to three times higher than onshore windfarms.
So whatever the Brits are paying for conventional electricity, significantly higher than in the US, they might be paying up to three times that amount for electricity from off-shore (and that was before the huge delays costing the developer millions)

Donate to the Salvation Army

I will be off the net for awhile. For those who enjoy the Bakken stories, scroll down to the next post.

Something for everyone to think about: a donation to the Salvation Army.

Link here for the details.

My granddaughters mean the world to me. I can't imagine them being in a place where they needed help from the Salvation Army. But if they needed such help, I can't think of a better organization to provide it.

Until I can gain control again. Ha.

Until I Can Gain Control Again, Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris

Building Permits Setting Records In Minot: Will Surpass $300 Million For 2012

Link here to Minot Daily News:
According to the City of Minot Inspection Division, building permit activity in 2012 has totaled $291,737,436 as of Nov. 30. With one month left to go, it seems certain that Minot will pass the $300 million mark.
If so, this might require a re-look at an earlier Bismarck Tribune story regarding building permits in Williston, Fargo, and Minot.


From the Minot Daily News story:
Dee Falkinburg, a clerk in the city inspection office, stated the reason why quite succinctly.
"A whole lot of building going on," Falkinburg said.
More succinctly: "The Bakken."