Saturday, July 7, 2012

What A Great County!

Don sent me the link to this story: Kinder Morgan could increase coal shipping through Gulf of Mexico ports.

It makes more sense to export coal from west coast ports, but faux-environmentalists are hampering that, so KMP is planning to build more shipping terminals in Gulf-friendly states like Louisiana and Texas. Amazing how things work out.

Energy Links at Independent Stock Analysis

Link to ISA here.

Hunter S. Thompson on Passenger Trains -- 1965 -- Absolutely Nothing About The Bakken -- Absolutely Nothing

I am rushed. I have to meet my coffee club in a few minutes in a longshoremen's neighborhood and don't want to get these longshoremen upset. I know what they can do when they get a bit upset.

Later I will flesh this story out.

Hunter S. Thompson wrote a great article on the state of passenger trains in 1965. That story was never published but was re-printed in its entirety in a collection of Hunter S. Thompson letters some time ago. Later I will provide more information regarding that letter.

It's too bad HST (Hunter, not Harry) is no longer with us. It would be interesting to hear his thoughts on California's train to nowhere. A reader just alerted me to the fact that California's debt / deficit problem appears to be resolved. They have the funding for the bullet train to nowhere.

No better news than to hear the deficit problem California had is resolved.