Friday, May 18, 2012

Chesapeake to Delay Eagle Ford Deal -- Rigzone

Link here -- note the date on the byline: this is not a new story; this was reported earlier this week. I can't remember if I posted this but it was in Rigzone's weekly roundup.

The CHK/CEO was correcting a misunderstanding by some that Permian and Mississippi Lime sales were being delayed. McLendon said those sales were still on track but the company would delay a $1 billion deal in the Eagle Ford. More details were not provided in the linked article. 

Nine (9) New Permits -- The Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA

Daily activity report, May 18, 2012 --

Operators: BR (5), Corinthian (2), EOG (2),
Fields: Clarks Creek (McKenzie), North Souris (Bottineau), Corral Creek (Dunn)

There were several well name changes. A couple were just due to incorrect spellings. But one suggested a new target:
  • 22872, loc, BEXP, Pyramid 15-22 4H (was Pyramid...4TFH).
It's hard to believe but no new IPs were reported.

Newbies should take a look at Corral Creek, linked above.

Enbridge Announces Additional Expansion Going East From the Bakken, Alberta

 Link here.

I'm starting to lose the bubble(s) on all of the pipeline projects. At the linked story, there are a number of Enbridge projects.

Some data points from the article:
Lakehead System (Enbridge): increasing capacity on:
  • Alberta Clipper pipeline (Line 67), into Superior, WI; from 450K bopd to 570 bopd
  • Southern Access pipeline (Line 61) from Superior, WI, to Flanagan, near Pontiac, ILL; from 400K bopd to 560K bop
  • only additional pumping power needed; no new pipeline construction
  • in service by mid-2014; $360 million
Eastern Access projects: increasing capacity on:
  • Spearhead North pipeline (Line 62) between Flanagan and Griffith, IN; from 130K bopd to 235 bopd
  • will also add a 330K bbl tank at Griffith to existing storage
  • will replace additional sections of ENB Line 6B previously announced which will increase capacity from  240K bopd to 500K bopd
  • Line 6B expansions and previously announced Line 5 50K bopd expansion by 2014; $2.2 billion
Mainline pipeline
  • construct a 35-mile pipeline adjacent to ENB Toledo Pipeline (Line 17), originating at Line 6B in Michigan and serving refineries in MI and OH
  • a reversal of Line 9B from Westover, Ontario, to Montreal
  • more power, not more pipeline

TGIF -- Friday Morning Ramblings

1. Well, this is not good. I saw this last night on CNBC; the television was mute, but I thought I saw it. Now, in the WSJ, no link, Hewlett-Packard Co plans to cut its workforce by 30,000. It doesn't say whether this is stateside only but it certainly will be a large number of US employees. To put this in perspective, the magic number for "new" jobs is 200,000 and the magic number for first-time unemployment claims is 400,000. Thirty-thousand is a significant percent of both numbers.

2. It will be interesting if the mainstream media ignores the recent bombshell coming from the president's literary agent. I always find it amazing how folks try to re-write history. It will be interesting how long Drudge leaves this up as his headline story.

3. New York state has not yet banned fracking but my hunch is it will. A state judge has already upheld the "right" of "towns" to ban fracking. So, I find this rather interesting: apparently New York pension funds have taken quite a hit with outsize investments in Chesapeake which may be one of the country's top fracking companies.

4. And finally this, also from the WSJ: Food stamps and the $41 cake. You don't even have to click on the link to know what the story is about. But there are a few interesting data points: a) how some of us arrange our daily trips to maximize efficiency (and others don't); and, b) the income of the average Costco shopper is nearly $100,000. Where are the obesity police when we need them most?

5. Turkey (the country) is still seeking to join the EU. Wouldn't it be interesting to see Greek leave the EU and Turkey enter?

6. The link at Drudge is broken, and googling the subject brings one to some questionable sites, but all-the-same, it's an interesting story. The New York Times reporters who got a lot of heat for releasing details of the bin Laden mission said they got the information from the "White House podium." I'm not sure what was exactly meant by that. I find it more interesting that the link to a reputable source has been broken.

Update on the Seaway Reversal -- All About The Bakken

For the twenty percent of readers who have responded to the poll by saying they don't know anything about the Seaway reversal, here's the Wall Street Journal link to the story.

The story says that the reversal, which hadn't even started at the time the story was published, or had just started within the previous 24 hours, says that the Brent-WTI spread has already narrowed by $4. The writer says the spread was $19 last week; yesterday they say it was $15. 

Exporting LNG Changes Everything -- RBN Energy

Link here to  RBN Energy.

A very nice update, overview, and projections about LNG export terminals.

I read it quickly so I may have missed it, but the one thing the writer missed was commenting on all the jobs these terminals will provide and the taxes the state will receive from these operations.