Friday, April 20, 2012

Denbury Updates Eighteen Wells -- The Bakken, North Dakota, USA

On October 18, 2019, I was reviewing this page and cannot find any of these wells. There is no "Cherry" oil field. There is a "Cherry Creek."

I will leave this page up; it may make sense to someone or it may make sense to me later, but right I can't explain it. Very likely, DNR has sold these wells to another operator, and names of wells may have changed (which is very, very unusual).

Some of these may have been reported before:
  • 1,441, DNR, Charlson 34-12, Charlson,
  • 2,340, DNR, Rolfson 21-15SEH, Cherry
  • 1,850, DNR, Loomer 24-34SEH, Cherry
  • 2,694, DNR, Rolfson 11-16NEH, Cherry
  • 1,689, DNR, Loomer 21-4SWH, Cherry
  • 1,614, DNR, Sorenson 31-28SWH, Cherry
  • 1,170, DNR, Bergem 44-28NWH, Cherry
  • 1,689, DNR, Loomer 24-34NEH, Cherry
  • 2,035, DNR, Serrahn 41-6SWH, Cherry
  • 835, DNR, Stepanek 31-17SWH, Camp,
  • 2,060, DNR, Jore 34-22NWH, Cherry
  • 1,393, DNR, Satter 24-35NEH, Cherry
  • 2,015, DNR, Satter 24-35SEH, Cherry
  • 1,039, DNR, Roen 24-23NEH, Camp
  • 1,153, DNR, Erickson 41-25NWH, Camp
  • 1,170, DNR, Erickson 41-25SWH, Camp
  • 2,178, DNR, Nelson 24-11NEH, Cherry
  • 2,091, DNR, Johnson 24-31NEH, Cherry

UND School of Law Energy Symposium -- November, 2011

Wow, what a great archival summary of energy law in North Dakota. Link will take you to a series of PDFs, videos, and PowerPoint Presentations. If you are having trouble getting to sleep this evening, start here. Otherwise, this is a great resource to be read/viewed at your leisure. It will be linked at "Data Links."

Enjoy. A huge "thank you" to Gary for sending me the link. I never would have seen it/found it on my own.

Seventeen (17) New Permits -- The Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA

A recent record? I don't recall when I last saw more than 13 or 14 new permits in one day.

Daily activity report, April 20, 2012:

Operators: BEXP (6), Hess (9), Samson Resources, CLR

Fields: Alger (Mountrail), Little Knife (Dunn), Banks (McKenzie), Jim Creek (Dunn), Ambrose (Divide), Hawkeye (McKenzie)

Six wells released from "tight hole" status; four were completed, including:
  • 21243, 1,787, MRO, Everett Fisher USA 31-6H, Mountrail,
Permit now expired:
  • 20767, Exp, XTO Energy, Arlene Federal 44X-11, McKenzie
KOG changing a well name from "Polar Bibler" to "P Bibler":
  • 22660, KOG, P Bibler 155-99-15-31-30-2H

    TransCanada Reveals New Route -- Still Goes Over The Aquifer

    Episode 47: Link here. Because I am traveling I cannot provide usual trailer/preview of this week's episode of As The World Turns.
    The proposed new route still goes over the aquifer — which underlies much of Nebraska — but it avoids those areas of the Sandhills where groundwater lies under porous grasslands extremely close to the surface.
    The LA Times story is excellent; go to the link. This is the only link I could find that had an easily-readable comparison map view; all other links had a very "busy" map that didn't easily compare the previous route with the new proposed route. MSNBC says the new route is likely to be enthusiastically supported by the Nebraskans.

    By the end of the article, we learn that the Sandhills area is now found across the entire state of Nebraska according to some.  And so it goes.

    The map

    Episode 46: "Pipeline: The Theme Song."

    Addendum to original post: likely 2012 timeline --
    • April 20: new route proposed
    • August 20: Nebraska state study concluded; cost, $3 million; recommends approval
    • September 20: close vote but approved by Nebraska legislature
    • September 30: Nebraska governor signs off on new route; accepts payment for study from co
    • October 20: SecState Hillary Clinton says her agency's recommendation will be released soon
    • November 6: SecState Hillary Clinton says recommendation will be released later this week

    For Investors Only: SLB Surges 38 Percent

    Note: I track earnings here.

    RBN Energy: The New Hydrocarbon Interdependencies

    Link here.
    Yesterday ICE next-day gas at Henry Hub posted at $1.85/MMbtu, down a penny from Wednesday.  The CME/Nymex May contract settled at still another 10 year low (how many more 10 year lows could there be?) at $1.907, down 4.4 cnts. But May WTI crude oil at Cushing is still above one hundred bucks a barrel, closing at $102.27/bbl, off 40 cnts.  Our favorite measure of fundamental market disparity – the ratio of prompt crude futures to cash gas is now up to 55X (simply 102.27/1.85).
    This is causing huge disruptions in historical energy uses. Point #7 at the link is particularly interesting for the investor.

    Note: there is an excellent PowerPoint presentation at the link, at the bottom of the page.