Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Three (3) New Permits -- Nine (9) Incredible BR Wells -- The WIlliston Basin, North Dakota, USA

Daily activity report, February 22, 2012 --

Operators: G3 Operating (2), SM Energy

Fields: West Ambrose

G3 Operating has permits for two wildcats, both in Williams County.

BR and Slawson both cancel recently permitted wells: BR's Watchman Peak in McKenzie, and Slawson's Athena in Mountrail.

Nine (9) wells on DRL status were completed, including:
  • 19184, 1,281, BR, Tilton 34-7H.
  • 19288, 984, BR, Veeder 14-24H,
  • 19924, 1,225, BR, Rifle Falls 31-25H,
  • 20528, 2,892, BR, Chuckwaon 21-15MBH,
  • 20326, 2,083, BR, Midnight Run 31-1TFH,
  • 20327, 2,443, BR, Midnight Run 41-1TFH, 
  • 20327, 2,064, BR, Berlin 34-14H,
  • 20325, 2,846, BR, Midnight Run 21-1MBH,
  • 20818, 1,920, BR, Bath 11-35H,

Keystone XL -- Nice Update at Market Watch; Companies Profiting From Demise of Keystone XL 1.0 and 2.0

Link to Market Watch here.

It's a great article considering the writer admits he voted for Obame the first time around will "probably" do so this time. (This tells me that folks are voting for Obama, not for his policies, but for his "million dollar smile.")

Another Market Watch article here: how some companies will profit from the delay (Warren's company is not mentioned, unless I missed it).  But my favorite pipeline company, Enbridge, is.

Very Little Blogging During The Day -- I Will Be Out and About

Eager to see what OAS, WLL, and CLR report today

My hunch: no matter how spectacular the reports, the analysts won't be happy. 

Good luck to all.

Newfield Earnings -- 4Q11

Link here.

Proved reserves (a bit confusing the way it is presented):
At year-end 2011, Newfield’s proved reserves were 3.9 Tcfe and probable reserves were 2.6 Tcfe. This reflects growth of 5% and 4%, respectively, over the prior year. The Company’s proved oil reserves increased nearly 30% during 2011 while proved natural gas reserves declined by 6% as compared to year-end 2010.
If I read this correctly, the increase is not significant compared to others in the Bakken.