Sunday, December 2, 2012

Idle Chatter for Newbies Visiting The Bakken

Tomorrow about twenty (20) wells will be coming off the confidential list (over the weekend, and Monday). Many of them have already reported some production runs, and a fair number of the wells look pretty nice.

One that caught my eye:
  • 21564, conf, Helis, Levang Federal 14-21/16H, Blue Buttes, 40K first full month;
That well has produced more than 40,000 bbls in the first month. This well is one and one-half mile (1.5) mile east of three rigs/wells that I recently highlighted -- three rigs actively drilling in one section (#23650, #23665, and #23667).

A completed well in that section has produced almost 120,000 bbls in five months:
  • 22050, 2,806, BR, Kummer 41-30MBH, Blue Buttes, t5/12; cum 117K 10/12;
Another well, an older well, to the south, ends in the same section, and has produced over 220,000 bbls in less than three years:
  • 17733, 759, BR, Kummer 1-31H, t2/10; cum 221K 10/12; it is currently producing about 6,000 bbls/month (at $50/bbl --> $300,000/month); if the pipelines are in place, and and well is paid for "at the wellhead" that $300,000/month is mostly free cash flow. 
Those two wells (horizontals) run north/south (or south/north).

Just to the north, there are two additional wells; these run west to east:
  • 17149, 1,271, XTO, Thompson 44X-20, Blue Buttes, t10/08; cum 252K 10/12;
  • 22311, 2,779, XTO, Thompson 44X-20E, Blue Buttes, t5/12; cum 87K 10/12;
After almost four years, the first well (#17149) is still producing about 6,000 bbls/month, and has produced over 250,000 bbls to date.

The second well is producing about 10,000 bbls/month, and produced almost 90,000 bbls in less than five months.

Just some idle chatter while waiting for the IPs to be reported.

Good luck to all. 


  1. Hello Bruce,

    Seeing the stats above got me curious about our family's two wells that you have been so kind to update in the past. Would it be possible for you to let me know how our two wells have been producing?

    Scanlan 3-5H
    Owned by KOG but drilled into the Bakken zone by North Plains Energy

    Pankowski 4-6H
    Owned by KOG but mis-drilled into the Three Forks zone by North Plains Energy

    Thank you and I hope that you and your family have a very merry christmas :-)

    Brett Ellingsberg

    1. The Scanlan is updated here: cum 150,000 bbls; producing at 3,000 bbls/month

      The Pankowski is updated here: cum 67,000 bbls; producing at 6,000 bbls/month;