Monday, November 5, 2012

The Cloud


November 6, 2012: see note below Apple pushing the envelope -- about Apple making tectonic changes that may be unpopular at first, but then becomes the gold standard and others follow. Apple announces in last 48 hours that it may dump Intel and go exclusively with ARM processors. Now, there are rumors that Microsoft will do the same.

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Apple continues to push the envelope. Apple was the first to push any number of "things" that folks were dead set against at first, but have since become industry standards.

It is my worldview (myth) that Apple was the first to truly push the Cloud. And now we see this:
Of those stores that still had some iPad mini stock available, the 16GB in Black & Slate and White & Silver were 100% sold out, while 90% of the 32GB in Black & Slate were sold out and 76% of the White & Silver 32GB were sold out. Finally, only 14% of the 64GB of the Black & Slate were sold out at those stores with stock available and just 10% for the 64GB White & Silver.
Memory inside one's digital devices is becoming less and less important. Flash drive will eliminate hard drives.

It was also interesting to see differences between black/slate and white/silver but that may have more to do with allotment than demand.

By the way, that comment about pushing any number of "things" that folks were dead set against at first, but have since become industry standards, also applies to the new lightning connector. Besides being required from an engineering point of view (due to its very small size), it is also very esthetic, very much in line with what Apple is famous for.

Likewise, I have to chuckle when I read complaints that the mini does not have retinal display. Apple, I believe, was the first to promote retinal display and that, too, has become the gold standard. And for most of us, retinal display is more marketing than necessary. Fun to watch the discussions over at MacRumors (linked above).

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