Wednesday, October 3, 2012

You Can Now Pay For Your Starbucks Coffee With An iPhone App

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Starbucks has added Passbook support to its iPhone app [App Store], as perhaps the highest profile app to embrace the feature. Starbucks customers can use its app to store gift cards and use QR codes on the phone to quickly pay for food and drinks without needing cash or credit cards. Additionally, the company keeps track of purchases for its rewards program.
This story would have held little interest for me (I don't have/own/use a SmartPhone), except for the fact the person ahead of me in Starbucks this morning paid for her coffee by having the cashier scan her QR code from her iPhone.

We all have our crosses to bear. For me, it's a hassle getting my billfold out of my backpack to find my Starbucks card.

For those at the Bakken Shale Discussion Board, it's a hassle depositing royalty checks in excess of $10,000. At the link scroll down to the fourth comment dated 11/30/11. See also this story posted earlier this evening. [You know, instead of a 371-foot pyramidal housing scheme on the prairie, these developers might consider chartering a bank in the same location that would take oil money checks with no questions asked, and no holding periods. Just a thought.]

[I carry my billfold in my backpack when biking. I bike to minimize my carbon footprint. I can hardly wait until the Boston winter.]

[I understand it may be best to NOT use the iPhone Maps app to find the nearest Starbucks.]

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