Wednesday, October 31, 2012

CNG - LNG Filling Station Locators


November 1, 2012: a reader (thank you) has provided an even better map/data base -- worldwide CNG locations and PRICES. Prices are 75 cents in Alberta, Canada, vs $2.00 in Austin, Texas.

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This is an interesting map: CNG - LNG filling station locators.

The legend at the left at the link allows one to click on/off current stations and stations that are planned.

It is interesting to see the Flying J corridor across I-80 from California to Chicago. Similarly, I-10 from southern California to Dallas, Texas, and then all the way to Jacksonville, Florida.

The Denver area is also particularly interesting.


  1. Interestingly, when you uncheck open station, and check coming soon, almost all are LNG.

    1. From wiki, I have no idea how "accurate" this is:

      "Compressed Natural Gas is often confused with liquefied natural gas (LNG). While both are stored forms of natural gas, the key difference is that CNG is gas that is stored (as a gas) at high pressure, while LNG is stored at very low temperature, becoming liquid in the process. CNG has a lower cost of production and storage compared to LNG as it does not require an expensive cooling process and cryogenic tanks. CNG requires a much larger volume to store the same mass of gasoline or petrol and the use of very high pressures (3000 to 4000 psi, or 205 to 275 bar). As a consequence of this, LNG is often used for transporting natural gas over large distances, in ships, trains or pipelines, and the gas is then converted into CNG before distribution to the end user."

      I still don't understand which one will "win out" -- if that's the right figure of speech -- whether we will see more CNG or LNG. I honestly don't understand all the nuances yet.