Friday, October 5, 2012

7.8! And That's Not All: Oasis Reports a Gusher!

Remember: the magic number is 200,000.

Happy days are here again! 7.8 percent unemployment. Remember the magic number is 200,000. The number of new jobs added was only 114,000. With lackluster number of new jobs, and precipitous drop in "percent," it doesn't take a rocket scientist to sort this out. Fortunately 47% of folks don't read newspapers any more.

Results of wells coming off confidential list today have been reported. See also: sidebar at the right. At the top.

Oasis reports several good wells, including a gusher.
  • 21902, 4,059, Oasis, Wren Federal 5300 41-26H, Willow Creek, t5/12; cum 65K 8/12;


  1. Impressive reporting day for Oasis, and two of those good wells are in Burke County!

    1. The Cottonwood and Gros Ventre wells are important wells. The Gros Ventre hasn't seen much activity so we haven't seen its potential. The Cottonwood was how Oasis got its start --- acquiring this field from MDU (Fidelity) which discovered it. I was not impressed with the Fidelity wells and the early wells in the Cottonwood, but it's looking better all the time.