Thursday, September 13, 2012

We Knew It Was Bad; We Just Didn't Know It Was This Bad

Data points regarding the Chicago teachers strike:
  • at least 100 of the current 681 public school campuses are low-performing (compared to what?) and under-enrolled
  • the 2012 - 13 $5.3 billion budget is not yet approved; we are well into the 2012 - 13 school cycle
  • the 2012 - 13 $5.3 billion budget will raise property taxes 1.5% (that is not trivial); on a $100,000 house, that's more than $100 a month, maybe two tanks of gasoline
  • the 2012 - 13 $5.3 billion budget would drain its reserves which are needed to plug a $665 million hole -- wow, $665 million
  • significantly more Chicagoans support the teachers (unions) than support the mayor (wow); I guess they like increasing the pay for the highest-paid teachers in the nation despite dismal results
The lonely man at the top:
Mr Record Man, Willie Nelson
On a completely different note, when I listen to these old songs, it certain seems Willie Nelson has invented himself/re-invented himself at least three times, perhaps four times. He is a survivor. Most of his buddies have faded. He endures. Bob Dylan remains an enigma for me, but he, too, is a survivor, and has sort of re-invented himself, but nothing like what Willie Nelson has done.

I don't know if I just missed these earlier, even though I had been looking for them, or whether YouTube "knows me better," tracking what I surf. Regardless, this is a lot of fun. Listen to the great bass, especially in the middle and near the end. It's a cover but I don't remember the original. Wow, what a great country.
I'm Gonna Dry My Eyes, Hillbilly Moon Explosion

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