Saturday, August 4, 2012

Human Interest on Bakken, the Game Changer; Williston: America's Fastest-Growing Small City

From Chicago Tribune News:
Domestically, the energy bonanza changes the American outlook far more dramatically than most people yet realize. This is a Big One, a game changer, and it will likely be a major factor in propelling the U.S. to the next (and still unknown) stage of development — toward the next incarnation of the American Dream.
Fuel-stingy engines and development of renewable energy sources deserve ample credit. What's really driving the positive trend, though, is a controversial near-quadrupling of oil and gas harvesting investment in the Western Hemisphere over the last decade. Nowhere is the resulting energy boom more stark than in high-plains reaches of the Williston Basin. Named for the North Dakota community that now is America's fastest-growing small city, the underground rock formations shelter rich pockets of oil and natural gas beneath 140,000 square miles of grassy remoteness in the two Dakotas, Montana and southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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