Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ceramics Source for the Bakken; Out of Glendive, MT

I was sent the following information. I have no ties with the company and am not receiving any compensation. I post this simply as part of the stated purpose of the blog: information sharing. There is no hidden agenda. Periodically I get queries from truckers asking about possible work; I assume this could be such a lead.

I know nothing more about the company than what is being posted, and what I have learned by visiting the website.

Fores is currently the 2nd largest ceramic producer in the world with over 2,000 employees globally, and the industry leader in Russia by measure of volume of proppants delivered. They manufacture and sell ceramic proppants throughout North America, and are currently supplying service companies in the Bakken Shale via transload facility in Glendive, Montana. You can learn more about Fores at ceramic proppant.

The ceramic proppants are, of course, ISO 9001 certified, and available in 20/30 and 30/50 sizes with resin or non-resin coating.

You can contact Fores at 832-308-7623, or visit us online at the link above.


One of the reasons this note caught my eye(s) was the mention of Glendive, MT. Glendive is another city for which I have a warm spot. Sometimes when I go back to Williston, I fly into Billings, rent from Enterprise, and then drive to Williston. It's a beautiful drive.  When one gets to Glendive, one has lunch at McDonald's (with wi-fi) and then leaves the interstate to head northeast to Williston. It's a great drive, and great scenery. It's about a hundred miles from Glendive to Williston (corrected from earlier version).

According to the website, it looks like there may be two Fores transloading facilities in North Dakota, Lansford and Mohall. This is the second time in about as many weeks that I have seen "Lansford" mentioned in regard to the Bakken.  Lansford and Mohall are northwest of Minot.


  1. You must know a shortcut from Billings to Williston. When I drive it the distance is 326 miles

  2. You are correct; I was wrong. I will blame it on jet lag, flying from Los Angeles to Boston yesterday.

    I had Glendive, MT, on my mind, when I wrote that. I corrected it above. Thank you for taking time to point that out.

    (But, yes, I sometimes wish I had a shortcut.)

  3. Sadly, Glendive's McDonalds is closed. I learned this a couple weeks ago, when I was driving thru with 4 hungry children who had been promised McD's...they were sorely disappointed by gas station sandwiches. I told them to pretend they were at work with daddy.

    1. Wow, that is sad. I'm glad you took the time to write to tell me. I can imagine myself driving around Glendive, saying, "I know there is a McDonald's around here somewhere."