Monday, July 16, 2012

WPX Has Permits for Fourteen Wells in One Section

Link here.

This may not be the first, but it sure got my attention.


  1. It insn't as crazy as it seems. Whiting is just drilling into more than 1 dif unit from a single area to save $$. Not a major density increase. BEXP has the highest density with 8/unit up in alger or ross field right now.

  2. I agree completely. I mentioned in passing that these wells would be drilled into various spacing units.

    But I haven't seen many sections yet where there are fourteen wells sited in North Dakota.

    On another note, if you view the daily activity report daily, from the NDIC source, yesterday's report was quite remarkable. I honestly do not recall seeing anything like that before. One data point does not a trend make, but if I see five such reports in the next 30 days, I will make a comment, one I've alluded to (or might have said in passing) already.

    1. I just checked the NDIC GIS map server. The Alger and Ross fields are very, very active, and BEXP probably has plans for 8 wells/unit, but they don't show up yet. The July dockets suggest that 8 wells/unit will be the norm in the better Bakken. Even in the very, very active Whiting/Sanish field, the most wells sited in one section number about six, maybe seven. For a newbie, fourteen horizontal wells in one section, for whatever reason, is impressive.

      But nowhere, am I aware of fourteen horizontal wells sited in one section in the Bakken. I believe I've seen 12 EOG wells on two or four pads in one or two sections; that was posted some time ago.