Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Seventeen (17) New Permits -- BR With a Gusher -- 10 New Permits in Heart Butte for QEP

Daily activity report, July 17, 2012
Seventeen new permits
  • Operators: QEP (10), WLL (4), Hess (2), Cornerstone
  • Fields: Heart Butte (Dunn), Truax (Williams), South Coteau (Burke), Sanish (Mountrail)
The ten QEP wells will be in section 3-149-92, most of which sits under water. 

Eight wells came off the confidential list. Only three were completed or reported an IP, including a 6,800-bbl-IP reported by BR. We will see if this is correct.
  • 20637, 6,800, BR, Llano 34-34H, 
  • 21553, drl, QEP, MHA 4-31-25H-150-92,
  • 21651, 506, Samson Resources, Armada 12-1-162-97H,
  • 21672, 336,  Petro-Hunt, Vig 157-99-10D-3-1H,
  • 21682, drl, Denbury, Lund 44-8NH,
  • 21694, drl, BEXP, Cora 2-17 1H,
  • 21885, drl, Chesapeake, Grenz 26-138-98 A 1H,
  • 22078, drl, Hess, AV-Wrigley Brothers-164-94-3130H-1, 

With regard to BR's Llano well noted above, one of the best wells ever is only five miles northeast of the Llano well. The following well is in the same field and the same section as the Llano well:
  • 16059, 729, Petro-Hunt, USA 2D-3-1H, Charlson field, s6/06; cum 1.24 million 2/12; still producing 9,000 bbls/month; this Bakken well continues to produce 9,000 bbls a month (5/12; and has no pump on it; it is also a short lateral; a sundry form states "NO" under "type of frac."
Folks are talking about this well over here. Be sure to read the comment at this post regarding #16059.

Three producing wells were completed and reported IPs averaging about 1,700 bbls each.
  • 21627, 1,655, BEXP, Zine 12-1 1H, Bull Butte (the "Kalil oil field"),
  • 21199, 1,764, MRO, Lucky One 21-2TFH,
  • 21457, 1,829, MRO, LuckyOne 21-2H, 
There was an operator transfer of 36 wells from Sumit Resources to Legacy Reserves.


  1. looking at the well file for BR #20637
    short lateral < 5000 ft
    frac stages = 5

    Hardly seem possible to make 6800 bbls

    Don Pedersen

    1. Agree. This is the second IP that has come under question in the past few days. The other is #21068.

      Yes, I just pulled up the well fire for #21068 -- it was not posted earlier. The NDIC report is in error: CLR reports an IP of 491. By the way, this was a 40-stage frack with 3.8 million pounds sand/ceramics.

  2. Bruce - One of the eight coming of conf. list is the Chesapeake 21885 Grenz 26-138-98A1H which is one of five wells running east to west on T138 R97 & R98. Is there any word on these wells as far as proving up this region?

  3. Bruce - One of the eight wells coming off the confidential list is the Chesapeake 21885 Grenz 26-138-98A1H, one of five wells in the T138 R97 & 98 corridor. Is there any news on the Grenz or the sister wells proving up this area in Stark?

    1. I got to your note late. As you probably noticed by now, the Chesapeake Grenz well was reported as in "DRL" status -- it has not been completed. To date, Chesapeake has not shown much (any?) success in this region. My hunch is they will complete the wells they've drilled, try to improve their production, and if not successful, quietly move on.