Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Seven (7) New Permits -- July 3, 2012

Yesterday's daily activity report was delayed (NDIC server maintenance); it is posted now.

Today's daily activity report, July 3, 2012:

New permits:
  • Operators: CLR (4), WLL, XTO, Timberline
  • Fields: Brooklyn (Williams), Midway (Williams), Big Stick (Billings), Wildcat
Timberline has the wildcat.

CLR has permits for four (4) more wells in Brooklyn. This is a very interesting story to say the least. 

On top of the other 160+ wells transferred operatorship to Enduro, Ward-Williston Company transferred operatorship of another 14 wells to Enduro Operating, LLC.

Wells coming off confidential list:
  • 20995, 227, WPX Energy, Blue Buttes 3-21H, Squaw Creek, t3/12; cum 27K 5/12;
  • 21941, drl, Newfield, Inga 150-99-11-2-2H, Tobacco Garden, s 1/12;
In addition, eight more producing wells were completed, including:
20252, 1,078, Petro-Hunt, Fort Berthold 148-94-19D-18-1H,
20253, 1,280, Petro-Hunt, Fort Berthold 148-94-30A-31-1H,
21080, 958, Petro-Hunt, Fort Berthold 148-94-30A-31-2H,
21829, 840 (no typo), OXY USA, Elroy Kadrmas 2-10-3H-143-96,
19801, 1,045, XTO, FBIR Huntsmedicine 24X-8,
21617, 24 (no typo) Crescent Point, CPEUSC Lowe 18-19-158N-99W,

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