Thursday, June 7, 2012

Texas: Considering First-in-Nation 85 MPH Speed Limit

Link here.

This will be on a toll road between my home, San Antonio, to the state capital, Austin.

And unlike the bullet train in California, the toll road in Texas is 2/3rd's complete.

A lot of story lines. The first one I can think of is this: all those new Eagle Ford oil millionaires will be testing out their new Ferraris and Lamborghinis. And just in time to save the Italian economy.

A second story line: I was unaware of this new toll road --  it just goes to show, again, the robustness of American private enterprise and the potential of the American economy. If only ....

Wow, when you think about it -- the liberal elite Hollywood folks with all their fast cars would love a German-style autobahn from west Los Angeles to San Francisco/Sacramento. German style autobahn: no speed limit, no passing on the right; tickets for going too slow (holding up traffic -- yes, on the autobahn, one is ticketed if going to slow as to hold up traffic behind you); and a requirement to drive 5-series or better if driving a BMW.

I made up that last requirement -- about the BMW. 

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