Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Energy Links at Independent Stock Analysis; Great Data Points Re: NOG

Two things.

First, the link to ISA for today's energy stories.

Second, ISA provides three or four or five superb data points for NOG. I don't know if the above link will get you to those data points, but I am sure you will find them if you search ISA. They are very, very interesting. Just to whet your appetite: a) NOG participates in a higher percentage of Bakken wells than CLR; and, b) NOG drilled more net wells than KOG or OAS 1Q12.


  1. Bruce,

    If your readers click on 'blog' at Independent Stock Analysis they will taken the to the home page for reading. Thanks for the props!

    1. Thank you.

      I was worried I was "taking" too much from you and wanted readers to see all you have to offer by searching your site. Your site is clearly one of the best out there, along with RBN Energy right now.