Monday, April 9, 2012

Three Forks -- Again

Mike Filloon's article on the Three Forks is outstanding.

I blogged about it earlier, but re-reading it makes it difficult not to highlight it again.

This is particularly noteworthy:
It is very possible (and likely) that areas like Alger Field, where Hess has planned its first twelve well pad, that an additional six locations could be possible in the best areas. This would equal 36 acre spacing without any wells in the third or fourth bench.
And, Mike reminds us of several additional payzones including the Red River, Heath/Tyler, Mission Canyon (Madison), Lodgepole (formation and reefs), and so on.

Yes, this continues to be eye-popping (many months ago, a reader felt that the Bakken was no longer exciting, it was no longer "eye-popping, that it had become predictable).

For me: analyses like this by Mike Filloon and then reading press releases from ONEOK about $2 billion pipelines taking 200,000+ barrels from the Bakken to Cushing --> eye-popping.

I guess the Bakken is predictable: it keeps getting bigger.


  1. What an incredible article!! Thanks for pointing it out. That was more fun than anything I've read in a week. Let's hope Mike is right.