Monday, April 30, 2012

MDU's 1Q12 Earnings

Link here.

Rig count reaches 10, up from two (2) a year ago -- nationwide, not just the Bakken.

Oil production grows almost 20 percent.

Earnings: 19 cents/share.


A Letter to the Granddaughters

One of the landmarks that we've enjoyed the past few years in "Boston" was the Curious George store at Harvard Square in Cambridge. But then it closed down about a year ago; we were told that it was due to high rent, yada, yada, yada.

No one was expecting that the store would open again and none of us even noticed any renovation. Then all of a sudden there was a note in the paper that there would be a grand opening (this past Saturday).

Today I had a chance to visit the store. I agree with the comments made in the Boston Globe story today.

I am thrilled that the store is back. I was disappointed that the downstairs area is closed/converted to office space. There is much more room to walk around on the one floor but that's because there is much less merchandise. But most surprising is how small the store really is. One didn't notice the smallness in the previous iteration because the store was so incredibly filled with merchandise, it seemed bigger than it really was.

My hunch is that local parents / families will visit the store once or twice but that will be about it. The store will cater to the tourists who will be in the city just this once anyway.

Regardless of who visits and how often they visit, I am thrilled to see Curious George back at Harvard Square.


  1. I always loved the name of the attorney's on the second floor - Dewey, Cheatham and Howe!

    1. I have a photo of just that window/sign. I will post it at the appropriate time.