Monday, April 30, 2012

At Least Some Of Us Know Who Our Friends Are

When did you first realize you were Canadian?

Kudos to Don for alerting me to the link and noting that the US imports 900,000 bbls of oil from Venezuela on a daily basis and Venezuela is not even mentioned in this article (although I might have missed it).
U.S. imports of what environmentalists are calling "dirty oil" are set to triple over the next decade, raising concerns over the environmental impact of extracting it and whether pipelines can safely transport this Canadian oil.

The United States currently imports over half a million barrels a day of bitumen from Canada's oil sands region, according to the Sierra Club. That number, Sierra Club says is set to grow to over 1.5 million barrels by 2020. That represents nearly 10% of the country's current consumption.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration's overall Canadian oil production numbers are in-line with the Sierra Club's projected pace.
So, from Canada's oil sands region: 500,000 bbls/day; Venezuela, 900,000 bopd.  The YouTube video "If I Wanted America To Fail" has gone viral. Tex Ritter had it right -- see video at bottom of the blog.

My world view: a) photographs of the close friendship between US president and Venezuelan president; b) the US president killing the Keystone XL 1.0; and, c) the president banning all Canadian oil if he could. That's my world view. Opinion. 

I don't think the article mentions that US reliance on "heavy oil" could be minimized if federal government encouraged development of US federal natural resources. But that would be an "inconvenient truth." Again, my world view. Just an opinion.

By the way, this may be one of the best interviews ever. If you don't want to watch the entire interview (you would be missing a lot), at least skip ahead to the 4:45 mark:

Dame Edna and k d lang


  1. Heavy oil from California his about the same thing. Small world.

    Anon 1

    1. Makes one wonder if the Sierra Club is picking winners and losers among the heavy oil producers. Smile.