Friday, April 6, 2012

Back on the Confidential List -- An Example

This is being re-posted with some additional information. 

April 6, 2012:

Elsewhere "blacksheep" asked if a well could be placed back on "confidential status" multiple times.  The answer is "yes," a well taken off the confidential list can be placed back on the list; it seldom happens, but I have seen examples.  Apparently "... it happens only when a recompletion is later attempted in a different pool than the pool targeted in the drilling permit."

Here's a recent example, if I understand the question correctly.

Oasis' Clark well in the Tyrone oil field north of Williston, originally targeting the Lodgepole formation, was taken off the confidential list. I believe it went to DRL status, but I forget. Regardless, at that time, the well file was posted at the NDIC site and one could access it.

Some days (weeks?) later, this well was placed back on confidential status. It is currently back on confidential status. One can still access the file/paperwork that was released when the well came off the confidential list the first time.

But now, it's back on the confidential list.

As a reminder, the Lodgepole is a member of the Madison Group which lies above the Bakken Pool.

I do not know if "re-entry" and "re-completion" are synonymous. It is not uncommon for a re-entry to be so designated with an "R" when "re-naming" the well.  I believe the file number/permit remains the same.

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