Thursday, March 1, 2012

Diesel Fuel To Be Tight In The Williston Basin This Spring

If it's March 1, spring is just around the corner. I assume truckers and farmers in North Dakota are starting to scramble to find sources of diesel fuel. New diesel refineries in the Bakken oil patch won't be up and running this spring. So, five years into the boom and we still have diesel fuel shortages.

Link here to AP story on likely shortage.
About 2 million gallons of diesel is currently used daily in the state in the oil patch, largely powering the trucks and trains needed to move crude oil and materials, Rud said. It also takes about 3,000 gallons of diesel each day to power one drill rig, he said. On Thursday, there were 204 rigs working in the state.
I was told a year ago that the oil patch was short 20,000 gallons (or was it barrels?) of diesel fuel each day.


  1. the price of diesel in Bowman today is .62 cents over the price of Gasoline..

  2. Outside this Dunkin' Donut in a Boston suburb: regular gasoline at $3.73; diesel at $4.09.

  3. $3.86 for regular gasoline at Costco on the Oregon Coast.

    1. I can only imagine what gasoline is at the non-discount stations.