Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jim Cramer and EOG/CEO

I missed it but I guess Jim Cramer interviewed the CEO of EOG.

I have not viewed the video. I assume it was a pretty laid-back, quiet, calm, soporific Jim doing the interview.

Note the disclaimer on the sidebar at the right. This is not an investment site. I do accumulate shares in EOG, but will not be accumulating any more shares in the next several months, not until at least after April 15.


  1. Papa said that oil price will stay 100 or above even without Iran concerns. Said world demand increasing each year by one million bpd driven by Asia. Also said even with our shale drilling, non OPEC production is not keeping up with demand.
    Laid back, matter of fact, no fluff. Eog cost of bbl oil is about $40

    From Illinois

    1. Thank you. I just posted high points of most recent CLR presentation. Interesting to compare cost of bbl of oil, CLR with EOG.

      "Everyone" agrees that $100 oil is here to stay. Glad to hear Papa saying the same thing.

    2. Should have added: glad to hear that Papa says OPEC not keeping up with demand. I think the same.