Monday, January 30, 2012

Oasis Has a Great Well -- Oasis Hitting On All Cylinders -- McKenzie County -- The Williston Basin, North Dakota, USA

Seven wells coming off confidential list today; five completed, including this one:
By the way, a talking head on CNBC mentioned Oasis as one of his top four picks just moments ago.

Actually that's wrong about "seven wells coming off confidential list." I've had trouble all day with a good wi-fi connection and finally have one (a good wi-fi connection). Lots of catching up to do.

In fact, there were seventeen (17) wells that were released from "tight hole" status as the NDIC now refers to it. Seventeen (17). Right up there with the best days in the Bakken.

If I count correctly, twelve (12) were completed/fracked, including these (I will repeat the Oasis Cook well again just to show you good these wells are):
  • 19639, 2,414, Oasis, Cook 5300 42-12H, Willow Creek, Bakken, Williams
  • 19159, 912, OXY USA, Reuben Schneider 1-27-34H-143-96, Bakken
  • 19441, 2,196, Whiting, Dry Creek 44-20TFH, Bakken, Billings County
  • 19639, 2,414, Oasis, Davis 5300 42-12H, Bakken, Williams
  • 19932, 815, Oasis, Bay Creek Federal 4703 11-5H, Bakken, McKenzie
  • 19960, 1,666, XTO, Kaye 43X-4, Bakken, Dunn 
  • 20731, 1,598, Zenergy, Hagen 31-30H, Bakken, McKenzie
There may be typos, typing fast to catch up, after such a miserable day trying to blog.

But what does that list say to you?

Well, first of all, it says to me that Oasis is the new "big man on campus." Hitting on all cylinders -- look at that -- both Williams County and McKenzie County, the latter that will prove to be THE county of all the Bakken counties before this boom is over. And that's saying a lot when you got competitors like Dunn County and Mountrail County.

And then look at the Whiting Three Forks well in Billings County.  I forget what the record TFS well; if I remember, I will look it up later.


  1. they have only been a public company for 20 months..i find it surprising if a company is not located on the east or west coast the talking heads have no idea what to say.. when Cramer came to ND last yr, it was treated almost like he came to the wild west..

    1. I've thought about that often, the incredible Oasis story. I thought KOG was THE company but I'm beginning to think it's OAS.

      And you are correct. Wall Street was late to the game and still doesn't understand what is going on out here.


    About to start.

    anon 1

    1. Incredible, isn't it? The US exporting natural gas. Who wudda thought?

  3. The Whiting Dry Creek well that came off confidential status is located near Golden Valley County line in the Roosevelt field on the west side of the Little Missouri river. Very good well in an interesting area

    1. Yes, I wish I had had a better wi-fi connection all day. This is a huge story -- the Whiting Three Forks wells are starting to come in.

      Can you imagine the excitement in Whiting headquarters if there if there "southern ops" in North Dakota turns out to be as exciting as their cash cow in their "northern ops," the Sanish.

      It truly is amazing how some companies just seem to keep hitting on all cylinders and Whiting is one of them.