Saturday, January 7, 2012

Just a Reminder: FracFocus -- Not Just The Bakken

A reader reminded me of

I understand that it might be a bit delayed in posting updates; I don't know.

Regardless, it can answer your question if you are wondering if a particular well has been fracked. The site is very easy to use; you do not need to enter the API number of the well if you know the name of the well and the operator.

The Bakken Shale Discussion Group has a nice thread on it.


  1. To S.:

    It sounds like you know more about fracking than I do.

    I am told that there are not less than 74 companies or entities involved in drilling/completing one well: from the landmen (lease); lawyers; surveyors; heavy equipment to prepare the pad; many, many companies involved in drilling the well; and, many, many companies involved in completing (fracking) the well.

    Almost everything (at some level) is contracted out and subcontracted out from there).

    You can see why any individual company/entity wants to keep their "secrets" secret. If someone builds a better mousetrap, that someone will get more business and can charge a premium for their work.

    So, yes, the operator, the contractors, and the subcontractors try to keep as much "secret" as they can.

    And, yes, some are much better than others. And even if the technique is well known and well-described, there area a lot of neophytes in the oil patch.

    I can follow a recipe, but my cake does not turn out as well as my wife's.

    I do post what I find on my fracking pages.

  2. To S.:

    Yes, it is mind-boggling who much oil is not being recovered in the first go-around.

    Two things: as you noted, wells are being re-entered, re-fracked, and re-worked; something I've talked about on several occasions.

    Second, and much more important, companies like DNR say that enhanced oil recovery (EOR) -- secondary recovery results in as much oil being produced as primary recovery.

    The Bakken is only in primary recovery now; secondary recovery years away, etc. etc.