Sunday, December 25, 2011

Nothing To Do With The Bakken -- Except For A Bit At the End

Sorry about posting this: nothing to do with the Bakken.  I just felt in the mood to post it.

So much to say about this video, but will let it go.

Before You Go, OK Sweetheart

If there's any connection to the Bakken: the group is from Harold Hamm's home state.


I guess I'm just in that kind of mood tonight. A short break from the Bakken.

In the summers of 1969 and 1970 I spent many an evening after work and many a weekend driving up from Williston to Blacktail Dam.

I loved listening to the radio on those drives. It seems I only remember two musical artists at the time, blaring out of the radio: Credence Clearwater Revival and Neil Diamond. Over the years, Neil Diamond may have gotten a bit schmaltzy, but in the early years, he was awesome. In 1969 - 1970, it was "Sweet Caroline" and "Cracklin' Rosie"; and, from CCR, "Lookin' Out My Back Door."

I've cited this before, but I never tire of reading it:
“Music has always been a matter of energy to me, a question of fuel. Sentimental people call it inspiration, but what they really mean is fuel. I have always needed fuel. I am a serious consumer. On some nights I still believe that a car with the gas needle on empty can run about fifty more miles if you have the right music very loud on the radio.”
― Hunter S. Thompson
I made it back to Williston many an evening running on fumes with the radio blasting. 

So tonight, when spending some time at one of my favorite "other" blogs, She Blogged By Night, I was pleasantly surprised to see her post on Neil Diamond.  She says if you have 38 minutes you should watch the BBC-Neil Diamond Concert. I would say that if you have 10 minutes, you might want to read her post. If nothing else, it will remind folks why mainstream print media is struggling, competing with amateur bloggers. I wish I could write as well as she writes.

Blacktail Dam is five miles north, five miles west, and then a half mile north of the intersection of US Highway 2 & 85.  Just east of the dam is a string of Petro-Hunt wells/permitted locations. With three rigs on site in such a small area suggests a lot of interest:
  • 20065, 475, HRC/Petro-Hunt, Rossland 157-101-14B-23-1H, wildcat/Otter, Bakken, t5/12; cum 106K 8/14;
  • 21207, 182, HRC/Petro-Hunt, Stromme Family Trust 157-101-11C-2-1H, wildcat/Otter, Bakken, t5/12; cum 76K 8/14;
  • 19777, 343, HRC/Petro-Hunt, Erickson 157-101-13B-24-1H, wildcat/Otter, Bakken, t9/11; cum 84K 8/14;
  • 21703, 2,112, HRC/Petro-Hunt, Miller 157-101-12C-1-1H, wildcat/Otter, Bakken, t2/12; cum 86K 8/14;
  • 21753, conf-->loc, Petro-Hunt, Gilbertson 157-101-13B-2-1, wildcat, Bakken,
  • 20989, 534, HRC/Petro-Hunt, Pasternak Trust 157-100-18A-19-1H, Marmon, Bakken, t5/12; cum 103K 8/14;
  • 20990, 209, HRC/Petro-Hunt, Berg 157-100-7D-6-1H, Marmon, Bakken, t5/12; cum 69K 8/14;
  • 20614, 411, HRC/Petro-Hunt, White 157-100-17B-20-1H, Marmon, Bakken, s5/11; t8/11; cum 97K 8/14;
  • 20825, 50, HRC/Petro-Hunt, Williams and Larson Trust 157-100-8D-5-1H, Marmon, Bakken, t12/12; cum 65K 8/14;
This is the Neil Diamond video linked above:

BBC Concert, 1971, Neil Diamond

For Investors Only -- Three Dividend Stories, A Couple of Pipeline Stories, and Cramer's Take

First link -- from -- five (5) great oil and gas dividend stocks for 2012 --
Second link -- from SeekingAlpha. com -- four (4) great dividend stocks from the oil patch --
  • CVX
  • XOM
  • COP
  • PBR
Third link -- from -- the battle of two dividend kings -- CVX vs XOM --
Not only has Chevron managed to offer a higher initial yield than Exxon, but its historical track record indicates that it has been able to raise its dividends annually by a greater rate as well.
Fourth link -- from Yahoo!Financial -- among many companies with shares hitting 52-week highs, including ENB --

Fifth link -- from Yahoo!Financial -- Keystone, TransCanada, Enbridge, EEP --
Still, it appears that investors are betting that Keystone will eventually get a green light from the U.S. government. Shares of TransCanada are up nearly 15% this year and are just 4% below their 52-week high. (A Canadian stock doing well? It's the anti-Research in Motion.)

But one of TransCanada's top rivals, Enbridge has actually been a better stock this year. Enbridge's stock has surged more than 30% in 2011.

Part of that may be due to a bet that any further delay with the Keystone project would benefit Enbridge, which already has approval for big pipelines running in Alberta and North Dakota's Bakken Shale.

But Enbridge's earnings and revenues are expected to grow at a faster clip than TransCanada's in 2012. Analysts are forecasting stronger earnings over the next few years for Enbridge as well. In fact, Fortune named Enbridge's U.S. affiliate Enbridge Energy Partners as one of its top 10 stocks for 2012.
Sixth link -- Cramer --
  • SLB, CLR, Sandridge, EOG, just to mention a few Cramer touched on