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Random Look At a Re-Entered Madison Well -- The Madison, North Dakota, USA

I was curious to see what else might be going on in the bull's eye of the Bakken. It's not difficult to find exciting wells throughout the Williston Basin. Here's another one:
  • 1246, 161, Hess, Hawkeye-Madison Unit G-603HR, Madison, Hawkeye, s9/56; re7/05; t10/56; cum 482K 6/16; still producing 700 bbls/month in 6/16;
This was a typical Madison well spudded in September, 1956. In 2005, Hess re-entered this well and drilled a lateral, a very short lateral, about half the length of a typical one-mile short Bakken lateral.

Think about it:

A Madison well that was first drilled in 1956 (56 years ago)
  • maintained production with minimal decline
  • re-entered in 2005 and boosted production
  • 500,000 bbls (average consensus for EURs in the Bakken; I think it will be much higher)
  • we haven't even talked about enhanced oil recovery; some feel that EOR will result in slightly greater production than initial recovery (the first 50 years -- smile)
And this is a Madison well, right in the bull's eye of the Bakken, and they are drilling Bakken wells in the immediate area

So, at least two pay zones (Madison and the Bakken) before we even get to enhanced oil recovery.

And in other areas, if not this area, several other pay zones including the Three Forks and the Tyler.

And then there is the Red River in some areas of the Williston Basin, and even the Lodgepole.

And the Spearfish. 

A lot of Madison wells have been abandoned over the years for financial reasons. My hunch is that if the price of oil stays above $100, the Madison is going to be getting more attention.

By the way: "anonymous" recently pointed out something that I've mentioned before -- some wells were probably shut in / temporarily abandoned / permanently abandoned because the cost of maintaining the wells were not worth it, especially if they were not on a pipeline and oil had to be trucked out. Remember, 75% of all oil produced in North Dakota is still trucked at least part of the journey. As more and more wells go in (the manufacturing phase), more and more pipeline will be laid, reducing the need for trucking the oil from the wellhead to a pipeline or a rail loading facility. Marginal wells will become interesting again, especially as oil stays above $100.

Bottom line: $100 oil will trump a lot of politics. Iran opens a 10-day exercise in which they "practice" shutting down the Strait of Hormuz.

Big Butte Oil Field Update


May 31, 2016: update here
Original Post
This is a fairly large field, about 54 sections, an old field, and "owned" by Hess. It appears to be a "gassy" field based on how long some of these wells continue to flow (F) without the use of a pump (AL). Hess wells have improved markedly this past year; they switched to 32-stage fracks in 2011. This field is full of wells that are probably great candidates for re-fracking -- those wells fracked before 2011.

This particular field caught my eye some time ago with the "observation" wells that Hess put in alongside a long horizontal, #17117, see below.  See this link also.

This field, a roughly rectangular field, "running north to south, straddles Williams County / Mountrail County at the northern end of these two counties. It's a bit north of the bull's eye of the Bakken, but it's right in the middle of some other great fields, and my hunch is this is going to be a very, very good field. It appears Hess is studying this field closely as it moves forward (see #17117) and the way they have been putting in wells: the first well, and then one or two more, for a 2-well, or a 3-well pad.

White Earth is near the center of the field, and US 2 runs east-west through the southern end of the field.

Three-well pad
  • 18950, 519, Hess, EN-Heinle-156-94-2536H-1, Big Butte, Bakken, F, s6/10; t9/10; cum 107K 6/12;
  • 18951, 616, Hess, EN-Heinle-156-94-2536H-2, Big Butte, Bakken, AL, s6/10; t11/10; cum 112K 6/12;
  • 18952, 446, Hess, EN-Heinle-156-94-2536H-3, Big Butte, Bakken, AL, s6/10; t1/11; cum 81K 6/12;
  • 18873, 345, Hess, EN-Ortloff-156-94-2635H-1, Big Butte, Bakken, F, s5/10/t9/10; cum 82K6/12;
  • 17258, 454, MRO, Quill 34-11H, Big Butte, Bakken, F, s11/08; t2/09; cum 81K 6/12;
  • 21102, 914, Hess, EN-Lonetree Farm-156-94-0805H-2, Big Butte; t1/12; cum 69K 6/12;
  • 18288, 146/AB, Hess, EN-Davis-156-94-0805H-1, Big Butte, Bakken, SI, 6/12;
  • 20690, 25, Hess, EN-Wander-156-94-0904H-1, Big Butte, Bakken; t9/11; cum 372; 6/12;
  • 17835, 366, Hess, EN-Person A-156-04-1522H-1, Big Butte, Bakken, F, s2/09; t5/09; cum 89K 6/12;
  • 16928, 82, Hess, EN-Davenport-156-94-1003H-1, Big Butte, Bakken, AL, s12/07; t 11/08; cum 45K 6/12;
Three-well pad
  • 19225, 667, Hess, EN-Wefald-156-94-1324H-1, Big Butte, Bakken, F, stwice; t3/11; cum 94K 6/12
  • 19226, 275, Hess, EN-Wefald-156-9401324H-2, Big Butte, Bakken, F, 8/10; t9/11; cum 56K 6/12;
  • 19227, 723, Hess, EN-Wefald-156-94-1324H-3, Big Butte, Bakken, F, 8/10; t6/11; cum 140K 6/12
These two parallel each other:
  • 20670, 635, Hess, En-Person-156-94-1102H-3, Big Butte, Bakken; t1/12; cum 45K 6/12;
  • 17117, 345, Hess, EN-Person-156-94-11-02H-1, Big Butte, Bakken, AL, s7/08;/t9/08; cum 81K 10/11; no production since 4/11;
Along side those two (I think the "Person Observation" wells are monitoring wells only and will not be producing wells):
  • 20500, A/SI, Hess, EN-Person Observation-11-33, Big Butte, VERTICAL, Three Forks, as of 6/12;
  • 20315, A/SI, Hess, EN-Person Observation-11-22, Big Butte, VERTICAL, Duperow, as of 6/12;
  • 20361, A/SI, Hess, EN-Person Observation-11-31, Big Butte, DIRECTIONAL, Three Forks, as of 6/12;
  • 20442, A/SI, Hess, EN-Person Observation-2-24, Big Butte, DIRECTIONAL, Three Forks, as of 6/12;
  • 11939, DRY, Lousiana Land, Enger 33-2 1, wildcat, Silurian, s2/86
  • 20539, A/SI, Hess, EN-Person Observation-2-32, Big Butte, VERTICAL, Three Forks, as of 6/12;
  • 20669, 601, Hess, EN-Person-156-94-1102H-2, Big Butte; t1/12; cum 153K 3/16;
  • 20772, 1,181, Hess, EN-ENger-156-94-1423H-1, Big Butte; t12/11; cum 218K 3/16;
Two-well pad
  • 21945, 697, Hess, EN-McKenna-157-93-3328H-2, Big Butte, t2/12; cum 129K 3/16;
  • 21946, 484, Hess, EN-McKenna 157-93-3328H-1, Big Butte, t6/12; cum 100K 3/16;
  • 17852, 374/PA, Hess, EN-Hein-156-94-0112H-1, Big Butte, Bakken, F, s2/09/t5/09; cum 147K 5/13;
  • 17956, 511, Hess, EN-Belik-156-93-0607H, Big Butte, Bakken, F, s6/09; t8/09; cum 199K 3/16;
  • 21946, 484, Hess, EN-McKenna 157-93-3328H-1, Big Butte, t6/12; cum100K 3/16;
  • 19880, 886, Hess, EN-Halvorson-157-93-3229H-1, Big Butte; t12/11; cum 164k 3/16;
  • 18400, 351, Hess, EN-Trout-157-93-3130H-1, Big Butte, Bakken, F, s1/10; t4/10; cum 189K 3/16;
  • 21262, 745, Hess, EN-Rohde-157-94-3625H-1, Big Butte, Bakken; t3/12; cum 143K 3/16;
Three-well pad
  • 18733, 405, Hess, En-Will Trust A-157-94-2734H-2, Big Butte, Bakken, AL, s7/10; t9/10, cum 125K 3/16; only 7 fays in 3/16;
  • 18734, 166/AB, Hess, EN-Will Trust A-157-94-2734H-3, Big Butte, Bakken, F, s8/10; t11/10; cum 83K last production 1/14;
  • 17845, 263, Hess, EN-Will Trust A-157-04-2734H-1, Big Butte, Bakken, AL, s5/10; t7/10; cum 109K 3/16;
Three-well pad
  • 17842, 402, Hess, EN-Will Trust B-157-94-2635H-1, Big Butte, Bakken, AL, s1/11; t4/11; cum 49K 10/11
  • 19006, 412, Hess, EN-Will Trust B-157-94-2635H-2, Big Butte, Bakken, AL, s11/10; t2/11; cum 46K 10/11
  • 19007, 372, Hess, EN-Will Trsut B-157-94-2635H-3, Big Butte, Bakken, F, s10/10; t12/10; cum 39K 10/11
  • 15925, 5, Hess, Edward Will Trust 23-44H, Big Butte, Bakken, AL, s9/05; t1/06; cum 27K 10/11
  • 17838, 228, Hess, EN-Will Trust C-157-94-2215H-1, Big Butte, Bakken, AL, s1/09; t3/09; cum 68K 10/11
  • 21587, 223, Hess, EN-Binger 157-94-1201H-1, Big Butte, t5/12; cum 23K 1/13;
Two-well pad
  • 21339, 261, Hess, EN-Moore 157-93-1819H-1, Big Butte; t3/12; cum 4K 3/12;
  • 21340, 442, Hess, EN-Postovit 157-93-0706H-1, Big Butte; t3/12; cum 11K 3/12;
Two-well pad
  • 20799, 487, Hess, EN-Selby-157-93-0805H-1, Big Butte; t3/12; cum 13K 3/12;
  • 20800, 676, Hess, EN-Norstedt157-93-1720H-1, Big Butte; t1/12; cum 34K 3/12; 
  • 18994, 562, Hess, Feiring State 31X-16, Big Butte, F, s6/10; 8/10; cum 53K 10/11

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