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This is Just Too Cool ...

From Wikipedia:
By 1890, Thomas Edison had brought together several of his business interests under one corporation to form Edison General Electric. At about the same time, Thomson-Houston Electric Company, under the leadership of Charles Coffin, gained access to a number of key patents through the acquisition of a number of competitors. Subsequently, General Electric was formed by the 1892 merger of Edison General Electric of Schenectady, New York, and Thomson-Houston Electric Company of Lynn, Massachusetts, and both plants remain in operation under the GE banner to this day. 
First of all, I know Lynn very, very well -- I have driven through it many, many times while taking care of my granddaughters in Boston. But that's not the reason for the post.

Edison Electric Appliance Company
In 1918 the company, known as the Hotpoint Electric Heating Company from 1912, merged with the Heating Device Section of General Electric, becoming the Edison Electric Appliance Company, later just a division of GE in 1927 when it bought the factory and entire company. It became known as the Edison General Electric Company in 1931. [at odds with link above]
History of Hotpoint
This 1922 Hotpoint range, made by the Edison Electric Company is typical of the period. The company was formed by a merger of the Hughes Electric Heating Company, Hotpoint Electric Heating Company and the heating device section of General Electric in 1918, in order to produce products under the Hotpoint brand name.

The first range, Model 1, was produced in 1919. The Hughes Company was founded in 1910 by George A. Hughes, who introduced the first "electric cook stove" that year. Hughes became the first president of the newly-formed Edison Electric Company in 1918.

The Hotpoint Company was formed in 1912, based on the popularity of the "hot point" on an iron marketed in 1905 by Earl Richardson. In 1907, the iron formally was marketed as the Hotpoint Iron.

Up until 1922, all electric ranges were in black, brown or both. The Edison Electric Appliance Company model shown here (go to link), you will notice, did have a white oven door nameplate, a simple flat porcelain enamel sheet, probably to dramatize the new name. But this year, Edison Electric received an order from a Raleigh, NC utility executive for an all- white, porcelain stove. Rather than admit that such a stove was not being produced, Edison quoted an exorbitantly high price to discourage him. Upon receiving an order anyway, they felt obligated to develop a new annealing process to apply the enamel on the entire stove.

Thus it was that 1923 Hotpoint models included all-white ranges with nickel trim on the door, and thereafter, white became widely accepted in the industry for ranges, dominating until the 1960s. In 1931, the Edison Electric Appliance Company became the Edison General Electric Company, and in 1934, General Electric and Hotpoint brand production was integrated, retaining both brand names, by that time, in refrigerators, as well.
North Dakota History
The family of Alexander Hughes (1843 - 1907) also exemplifies the captain-of-industry qualities so often found in the Scotch-Irish.....After conspiring with a Canadian-born Scot, Alexander McKenzie, to relocate the Dakota capital in Bismarck, he moved there (Bismarck) to practice law and handle the North Pacific Railroad's legal problems as its assistant counsel from 1887 to 1901.

His son Edmond (1873 - 1970) was experimenting with electricity at the electric utility in Bismarck in which his father had invested the family's money. From this interest came his involvement in the Hughes Electric Company, which had brought the boon of electric lighting to the capital and which evolved into the Montana-Dakota Utilities Company of today.

Edmond was not the only energetic, innovative Hughes. His brother George developed the first practicable electric stove, the Hughes stove. This became the Hotpoint when George became president, and later chairman of the board of directors of the Edison General Electric Appliance Company, which manufactured one-third of the eight million electric ranges produced in the United States by 1950.
And now it's the Bakken. Who wudda thought?

Construction Materials Scarce in Western North Dakota -- The Bakken, North Dakota, USA

Link here.

The "headline" says it all, even if the link breaks. (By the way: this is not a new story; there's been a shortage of supplies for the  past year.)

But does this make sense? The entire rest of the nation is still in a recession according to many. Are "they" saying that the US commodities and housing supply industry can't even keep up with seventeen counties in practically the least populated state in the union. Something clearly doesn't make sense.

Unless, of course, the Bakken is bigger than the rest of the nation realizes.

We will see on October 31, 2011, when Brian Williams showcases the Bakken on the debut of his new evening television news magazine.

Global Warming Central -- Yes, Exactly What is the "Right" Temperature For the Earth? -- And How Does One Measure It?

A Layman's Guide to Anthropogenic (Man-Made) Global Warming

Of all posts, the ones dealing with global warming generate the most comments. Rarely do the comments add anything to the debate. Based on the comments, it appears those commenting are a) not regular readers of the blog but get here by surfing the net (or as Rush would say, "drive by" readers); and, b) don't read the entire post or related posts.

Irrefutable facts that global warming advocates never address:
  • "man-made" CO2 represents but 3% of all greenhouse gases, not including water vapor. Water vapor is the number #1 "greenhouse gas" by a huge margin; again, CO2 represents but 3% of all greenhouse gases
  • the increase in atmospheric CO2, from 2010 to 2011, is measured at "nearly two parts per million"; the annual variability of atmospheric CO2 is 3 - 9 parts per million
  • Canada, one of the first signatories of the Kyoto Protocol, has pulled out of the protocol (2011); the US has never agreed to it
  • Germany has switched to coal (from nuclear energy) to provide the bulk of its electricity; of all forms of energy, coal is considered one of the worse for CO2 generation
  • most EU countries, in 2011 - 2012, due to financial constraints, have pulled back on renewable energy; some countries have completely banned new renewable initiatives as too expensive
  • even ardent global warmers agree that global warming ended 16 years ago, as noted by the British Met Office; these ardent global warmers agree, but argue that a 16-year plateau is too short a period from which to draw conclusions; this plateau occurred during a period of heavy industrialization, especially in China, and when overall CO2 concentration was 140% of that in the pre-industrial age
  • Antarctic ice is growing in volume
  • CO2 emissions of the United States is currently at a 20-year low 
  • despite rising sea levels, 657 new islands were discovered through satellite imagine, announced in 2011 -- this is the weakest of the arguments because it is possible most of these islands were simply "overlooked/missed" in earlier surveys
  • no one knows the "correct" setting of the earth's thermostat as set by the "intelligent designer," aka the "Prime Mover"
Those are irrefutable facts.

See also: 

The great global warming swindle: an hour-long scientific video based on data.

Because global warming activists were unable to refute the irrefutable facts, they changed the phrase to "climate change." But increasing levels of CO2 cause global warming, not global cooling. Now that we have global cooling (part of climate change), what is the explanation? Decreasing levels of CO2, which by the way, is exactly what is happening in the US. A very inconvenient truth. 
November 15, 2013: Japan slashes commitment to global warming efforts; Australia about to end "global warming" programs. And, of course, China never bought into it in the first place. There goes the Pacific. The EU is gradually facing reality. Canada withdrew from the Kyoto Protocol years ago. About the only country leader left talking about global warming is President Obama. 

October 21, 2013: global warming conferences ban/exclude open discussion/scientific discussion/other views LA Times won't publish letters to the editor with opposing viewpoints

May 18, 2013: shoreline data suggests loss of Arctic ice due to melting is much, much less severe than originally thought. 

March 29, 2013: NASA -- global cooling may be caused by burning coal. [I can't make this stuff up.]

February 18, 2013: I guess with "global warming," one can predict any weather pattern one wants -- more blizzards, less snow -- with just a degree-change over 30 years. GIGO.

February 12, 2013: January, 2013, warmest January on record in 35 years. It was warmer during the Age of the Vikings. And, oh by the way, two things: 0.9 degrees above the 30-year baseline, which is really 0.5 degrees Celsius, the temperature scientists use. So, half-a-degree above the 30-year baseline (and why we are using a 30-year baseline is beyond me), and folks are worried about the end of the earth as we know it. The article does not report the "correct" global temperature, and no one says who sets the thermostat. Perhaps the North Koreans?

January 12, 2013:

A draft version of a national report details the accelerated effects of climate change across the U.S., describing battered coastlines, devastating rainfall and drought.  Four observations: a) climate change, not global warming; b) inconsistencies: "devastating rainfall and drought"; c) US-centric; hardly explains the record cold in China and Russia this year; d) still, no one provides the "normal global temperature." I wonder why it's a draft version being released? Everything is released in "draft" these days. The link will break over time, but the photo accompanying the photo is of snow-packed street with two folks trying to get their car out of a snow drift in Ogden, Utah, after a foot of snow fell this past week. Just a few years ago, Joseph Kennedy said "we" would never see snow again, paraphrasing, of course. Before you get too excited about the draft report, visit Singer and AveryBack in 2007:
Within a few years winter snowfall will become a very rare and exciting event... Children just aren't going to know what snow is.
I can't make this stuff up. 

January 5, 2013: Russia, China experiencing coldest winter in decades; colder, also, in Alaska

December 14, 2012: the second best way to lower CO2 emissions -- a global recession; the best way? a global depression.

December 8, 2012: Quote of the day --
"It certainly isn't where we need to be in order to prevent islands from going under and other unimaginable impacts."-- AP, Doha, Qatar.
December 7, 2012: this day will live in infamy; the US blows off warnings of global warming The Doha-ha-ha-ha Climate Change Conference opened and closed this week. No one noticed.

November 20, 2012: the CIA closes its global warming office.

November 10, 2012: the medieval warming period; nothing new under the sun
October 29, 2012: changing tilt of the earth's axis explains climate changes -- Harvard;

October 16, 2012: global warming stopped 16 years ago -- UK mainstream media

September 19, 2012: Antarctic ice shelf continues to grow. 

September 3, 2012: biodiversity of species will increase with global warming

June 22, 2012: The "grandfather of global warming" speaks up/speaks out

June 4, 2012: Greenland glaciers were melting at a faster rate in the 1930s than they are melting now.  Something tells me we won't see this story in the NYT or LAT.
Other links of a similar nature:
June 3, 2012: global warming could open the Arctic -- oil alone worth $900 trillion for the five countries that surround it. Could someone tell me again the downside for global warming?

April 21, 2012: nice summary of where we stand on this issue with additional links at this article in which global warming alarmists want to burn down the houses of skeptics

February 10, 2012: NY Times reporting historic, record-setting winter in Europe.
The successive snowstorms — considered to be the worst onslaught the country [Kosovo] has seen since the 1980s — have also wrought havoc on the country’s agriculture. Farm lobbies told The A.P. that about 100,000 tons of fruit, vegetables and meat products had been left to rot, prevented from reaching markets amid the persistent storms and cold. In the town of Castelvenere, the report said, a funeral was cancelled as snow blocked the arrival of a coffin at the church. 

Last weekend, Ukrainian officials said at least 131 people had died during a lengthy cold snap, as temperatures dropped well below freezing. There were also reports of weather-related deaths in Poland, Italy, France, Hungary and Lithuania. 

In Rome, residents complained last weekend of an inadequate response to the storm. Some regions were left without power well after the snow had passed, and gridlock on some of Rome’s main streets — many unplowed and unsalted — prompted angry calls for the resignation of the city’s mayor.
February 10, 2012: wow, this winter in Europe seems to be getting worse, and worse.
Snow drifts reaching up to rooftops kept tens of thousands of villagers prisoners in their own homes Saturday as the death toll from Europe's big freeze rose past 550.

More heavy snow fell on the Balkans and in Italy, while the Danube river, already closed to shipping for hundreds of kilometres (miles) because of thick ice, froze over in Bulgaria for the first time in 27 years.

Montenegro's capital of Podgorica was brought to a standstill by snow 50 centimetres (20 inches) deep, a 50-year record, closing the city's airport and halting rail services to Serbia because of an avalanche.
February 8, 2012: Earth's  polar icecap melting less than expected. The oceans are rising on average one inch/year.

February 6, 2012: the news continues to get worse in England and central Europe
London's Heathrow Airport, the world's busiest air hub by passenger traffic, cancelled a third of the day's flights, while much of Britain was blanketed in snow, leaving drivers stranded on roads overnight.

In Italy, which reported a seventh victim, snow-covered Rome was virtually paralyzed, thousands of people were trapped on trains, and the weather emergency sparked runs on supermarkets.
February 1, 2012: Scores dead to "global warming"  hitting central and eastern Europe.

January 22, 2012: rare storm pattern to hit the south tonight (weather, not Gingrich-Romney).

January 18, 2012: Alaska dogsled races canceled -- too cold, too much snow; passes impassable.
Temperatures were consistently 45 to 50 below zero, according to race officials.

January 18, 2012: Japanese northern island hit with record snowfall; most since records began.

January 17, 2012: snowstorm of the decades about to hit Seattle, Washington. As predicted by global warming enthusiasts. By the way, what is the "right" temperature for the earth; and, what is the "right" amount of precipitation for the blue marble? And who, exactly, set the thermostat that Americans are now tampering with.

January 16, 2012: this is a comment from another "average dude." It was sent into another site  but it is worthy of saving:
Climate hysteria is a totalitarian's dream. People believe it because it gives them some pseudo-intellectual cachet. Corrupted scientists spin doctor their results to support it because government grants come pouring in. Politicians love it because it's a "crisis" that can give them power to decide who gets resources and who doesn't all in the guise of "saving the planet".

Funny, when doctors save sick patients, they usually know where the demarcation line is to decide if the patient is cured or getting worse. They know the proper range of body temperature, blood pressure, respiration rate, blood chemistry, etc.

Does anyone really know what the "proper" temperature for the entire planet should be? Does anyone really even know how to get an accurate reading on the temperature of the entire planet? What is too much rainfall? What is too little? And what judgements should be made when it is discovered that temperature data is being "smoothed" and then lost? What judgments should be made when a scientist lies about polar bear population statistics?

Short story: Global warming has no cure. Never will have a cure. Can't even be diagnosed with any trustworthiness. It's adherents are demanding Western civilization bankrupt itself to cure a disease of questionable diagnosis which can never be cured because no one can nor will say what constitutes the AGW problem actually being solved.

The entire AGW movement reeks of a classic apocalyptic scam, just like preachers who predict the end of the World and convince they followers to sell everything they have and abandon all worldly goals and possessions for "salvation". It's no different than that, except it's caught on with the left wing loons who are always numerous enough to do real damage when they go completely off the deep end on yet another off the wall social engineering crusade. They are always wrong too, every time. So much so that few of them actually practice any of what they preach in their day to day lives. They have no intention of destroying themselves; just you.
November 29, 2011: Global warming in South Africa shuts down the conference, sort of. West Tennessee hit with major winter storm.

November 23, 2011: How global warming scientists really feel about the issue.

November 17, 2011: update on Kyoto --- "Obama, for all his personal commitment to the environment, has made clear the world's second biggest carbon emitter will not commit to a new legally-binding protocol at least until after the next presidential election." -- Reuters.

November 8, 2011: Alaska faces one of its worse storms ever, forecasters say -- CNN -- not where I usually get my news:
Alaska is facing a life threatening winter storm with near hurricane force winds, more than a foot of snow and severe coastal flooding, the National Weather Service says.

"This is an extremely dangerous and life-threatening storm which will be one of the worst on record over the Bering Sea and the west coast," NWS forecasters said in a bulletin Monday afternoon.

The storm was about 600 miles southwest of Shemya in the far western Aleutian Islands on Monday afternoon and was expected to move over the Bering Sea toward Alaska's west coast on Tuesday.
November 3, 2011: this school district in eastern Massachusetts -- Bolton, Stow and Lancaster -- have used three of their five snow days and winter has not yet begun.

November 1, 2011: old snow stays in Rockies; adds to glacier size;
Scientists who monitor the effects of global warming are watching glaciers shrink all over the world, but this year could be an exception in parts of the Rocky Mountains.

Snow is already piling up in the high country, but not all of the unusually deep snow from last winter has melted. As a result, some glaciers and snowfields are actually gaining volume this year.

Scientists have measured new ice in Montana's Glacier National Park and atop Colorado's Front Range mountains. In northwest Wyoming, there is photographic evidence of snowfield growth after Bob Comey, director of the Bridger-Teton National Forest Avalanche Center, compared photos of peaks from year to year. October 29, 2011: early winter not confined to the northeast
October 29, 2011: early winter storm
As of Saturday, October 28, 2011, snowfall, adjectives taken from link above:
  • NYC Central Park, 2.9 inches (since 1869 when snowfall records began), the Park had never received a inch of snow on any given October day; the last time the Park had any recorded measurable snow, 1952, one-half inch
  • Hartford, CT: buried, 12.3 inches of snow; the previous record, 1.7 inches, October 10, 1979
  • Worcester, MA: all-time October snowfall record, 11.4 inches; previous, 7.5 inches, 1979
  • Newark, NJ: 5.2 inches; again, an all-time record for October; previously, never an inch on any October day
  • Concord, NH: blanketed; 13.6 inches; the previous daily record, 0.2 inch back in 1952
  • Albany, NY: 3.8 inches; previous record, 0.4 inch, 2000
  • Pittsburgh, PA: 1.6 inches; previous record, 0.6 inch, 2008
  • Philadelphia, PA: 0.3 inch, breaking the old record of "trace" set back in 1902
  • Wilmington, DE: 0.3 inch, surpassing the "trace" in 2002
  • Washington, DC: 0.6 inch; unprecedented in the capital; it had never received any snow on Oct 29
  • Bistol CT: 17 inches
  • Plainfield, MA; 31 inches
Original Post
"Early snowfall wreaking havoc on the east coast." -- ESPN2, 4:32 CST.  What is this? October?
New York Times: first snowfall in October since the Civil War.
New York has today been hit by more than one inch of snowfall before Halloween for the first time ever - with experts predicting much more on the way.

A classic nor'easter is chugging up the East Coast at an unusually early period and expected to dump up to 10 inches throughout the region.

More than 1.5 million homes have lost power in the storm.

Some places in mid-Atlantic states saw more than half a foot of snow and approximately 250,000 customers lost power in Pennsylvania and Maryland, requiring utility crews from Ohio and Kentucky to fix it.
Incredible. So much for global warming.

This is what I never hear from those who take umbrage with my global warming posts:
  • no one ever admits that we are talking about 0.6 degrees Celsius over 100 years -- neither statistically significant nor reproducible. Again...0.6 degrees Celsius over 100 years; if science were always so precise ... again, 0.6 degrees... are you kidding?
  • no evidence of receding beaches or loss of islands worldwide as predicted with ice caps melting; in fact, a published study shows hundreds of new islands since "global warming" become mainstream -- 657 new islands, Huffington Post, hardly a Fox contributor
  • Al Gore emphatically stated "we" had ten years or it would be too late; it's been ten years, or very, very close -- any dire consequences to date? Does anyone see any dire consequences in the next 10 years? If so, what are they? And please don't talk about the polar bears, another scam that was exposed.
  • no one discusses the fact that without China, India, Brazil, etc., playing by the same rules as "developed" nations. anything the US does will result in no change on a global basis
  • no one talks about the positive consequences of global warming (if it exists), such as ice-free passage from northeast Canada to the Arctic; the "fact" that something is happening, doesn't mean that it's necessarily bad; is "global warming" a net negative?  Again, we're talking 0.6 degrees over 100 years
  • no one ever talks about the economic impact of Al Gore's recommendations
  • no one admits that the prevailing attitude is changing regarding "belief" in global warming based on numerous polls; I am hardly alone on this side of the issue; almost half of Americans consider "global warming issues exaggerated" (48%)
On another note, folks often point out that I never talk about the hot weather spells reported around the world over the past ten years: why would I argue with myself? There's plenty of other folks who will point out the hot weather to counter my cold weather arguments; so, yes, I only present facts that support my argument -- well, duh.

0.6 degrees Celsius over 100 years. Are you kidding?

But this is my favorite: folks saying I troll for people to come to my site when I make these posts. Well duh. Of course, I want folks to come to my site. A page view is a page view.

The Boogie Man Chronicles

Reality: Nemo, New England nor'easter, February 8 - 9, 2013, set new record for Portland, Maine, last set in 1979; fifth or sixth "worse" (or, for children, the "best") storm in history; currently; another inch or so, and it will move to 5th.
Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past, The Independent, March 20, 2000.

Britain's winter ends tomorrow with further indications of a striking environmental change: snow is starting to disappear from our lives.
Sledges, snowmen, snowballs and the excitement of waking to find that the stuff has settled outside are all a rapidly diminishing part of Britain's culture, as warmer winters - which scientists are attributing to global climate change - produce not only fewer white Christmases, but fewer white Januaries and Februaries.
"Children won't know what snow is," says Dr Viner (apparently the "V" is pronounced as a "w"), as repeated by Christopher England, November 28, 2011. 

US Troops Killed In Afghanistan ... Meanwhile, the Administration Looking to Cut Military Health Benefits

Troops killed. And here. And here.
In the latter case, "...He leaves behind his wife, Sarah, and daughters Mikajasa and Aaliyah..." who can look forward to a cut in military health care benefits if administration gets its way.
Looking to cut military health benefits. Apparently the military is just not giving enough these days for Senator McCain who has greatly benefited from the military in general and military health benefits specifically.

"All give/gave some, some gave all."

Bio of Andrew Gould, Chairman and Former CEO of Schlumberger

Link here. -- Rigzone.

Follow-Up on the NYT Article on Natural Gas Scam

Link here.
In what now seems like the distant past, The New York Times wrote a series of articles suggesting that industry practitioners were raising questions about the economic performance of the gas shale wells and thus whether the extent of the resource was over stated.  Those articles were written in late June and generated a firestorm of reaction within the natural gas industry, but also among Washington politicians. What followed was disclosure that a handful of E&P companies, active in the gas shale business, had received subpoenas from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for their records of well performance and the economics of behind their reserve calculations. The data was sought to compare with the companies' disclosure regulatory filings and investor presentations of the operational risks, production performance and economics of these gas shale wells. At the time the subpoenas were disclosed, we wrote about it in the Musings (last July), fully anticipating that there would be further disclosures. Since mid-summer, there has been no activity arising from the subpoenas. 
Go to the link for the rest of the story.

Bottom line: SEC has 4,000  employees. They have one geologist.

Random Photos of the New Location and Building for Oasis -- The Bakken, North Dakota, USA

This is located west of Williston, and a bit north of the other industrial parks. This is yet another industrial park, albeit much smaller than the others going in around Williston.

As the road curves around, heading south and then to the east, one ends up at Spring Lake Park area. One can stay on the east side of the highway and drive right up to Wal-Mart.

Update on Scanlan 3-5H -- The Bakken, North Dakota, USA

A reader requested an update on this well.  Tested about one year go, it has reached the "100,000 club."

Production has leveled off at about 4,000 bbls/ month.

NDIC File No: 18770     API No: 33-105-01803-00-00     County: WILLIAMS     CTB No: 118770
Well Type: OG     Well Status: A     Status Date: 9/8/2010     Wellbore type: HORIZONTAL
Location: NENW 5-153-98    
Lateral 1 Start Coordinates 18 S 43 W From Wellhead, End Coordinates 4417 S 6837 E From Wellhead
Current Well Name: SCANLAN 3-5H
Original Well Name: SCANLAN 3-5H
Total Depth: 18955     Field: TRUAX
Spud Date(s):  6/4/2010

Completion Data
   Pool: BAKKEN     Perfs: 11381-18955     Comp: 9/8/2010     Status: F     Date: 9/10/2010     Spacing: 2SEC
Cumulative Production Data
   Pool: BAKKEN     Cum Oil: 101341     Cum MCF Gas: 115942     Cum Water: 49750
Production Test Data
   IP Test Date: 9/8/2010     Pool: BAKKEN     IP Oil: 819     IP MCF: 1869     IP Water: 1145

Mining and Longer Laterals in the Bakken, North Dakota, USA

Elsewhere they are talking about EOG infill wells in the Parshall oil field and the Van Hook oil field.

This may become a nice thread for newbies to get a feeling for what's happening in the Bakken.

The new buzz word in the Bakken is "mining." Just weeks earlier, the buzz word was "manufacturing." I don't know who first associated these concepts with the Bakken, but it might have been Harold Hamm.

Regardless, the point is that in several areas of the Bakken, it's no longer about "exploration." Rather, the Bakken is looking more and more like a "mining" operation. I've referred to it as "groundhog day." The trucks start fueling about 6:00 a.m. and the long line of trucks start heading out for the fields about 6:30. If you are on the road later than 6:30, be prepared for long waits at intersections requiring a left-hand turn.

The roads remain busy throughout the day, but activity seems to be a bit quieter near the city. And then starting about 6:00 p.m. the traffic starts increasing again, as trucks head back to the industrial parks.

Another observation at the link above, is the amount of acreage under water. This is not a big deal. I looked at this last year, and it appears all acreage can be reached from dry land, with the longest horizontal having to go maybe 2.5 miles. There could be exceptions. As noted, I do recall having posted a story about some extended long laterals. Here are a couple of those links:

EOG hits total depth with longest horizontal in the Bakken
Based on data at NDIC, EOG should have reached TD for the longest horizontal to date in the Bakken by now: #20037, Liberty LR 17-11H, 25,000 feet with extended long lateral under the river. 25,000 / 5,280 =  4.74 miles.  Vertical is about 10,000 feet, so the horizontal is about 15,000 feet, just under 3 miles. [Update: 790, s1/11; t6/11; cum 92K 11/11; 16K/month]
GMXR plans a 21,151 total depth well in the Bakken
The Company has completed the drilling of its first Three Forks horizontal well. The Wock 21-1-1H in Stark County, North Dakota reached total depth of 21,151’ with a horizontal lateral length of 10,281’, which included drilling a vertical pilot hole and performing additional testing. Oil shows were predominant in the vertical and horizontal lateral while drilling in the Three Forks formation.

The Halliburton Rapid Frac™ sliding sleeve system has been installed with stimulation expected the week of September 26th. The Wock 21-1-1H well is scheduled for a 41-stage completion with oil production expected by October 1, 2011.
Unless there's a typo in the press release, or on the NDIC GIS map server, I am missing something (which wouldn't be the first time). The press released called it the Wock 21-1-1H, and the GIS map server shows only one well with a name that close: the Wock 21-1-1H, file #21002. I know wells are re-named, and I may have missed that. Interestingly enough, the GIS map server does not show the horizontal for this well yet.

Beautiful, Balmy Day in the Bakken -- The Bakken, North Dakota, USA

Wow, what an incredible beautiful day in the Bakken -- 7:48 -- on the road by 6:30 -- balmy, shirtsleeve weather -- I understand there's a huge snowstorm heading for Boston, a cold spell southwest of us in Wyoming, but here in the the land of harsh winters, it's shirtsleeve weather and will warm up throughout the day.

I post this video often, helps me start the day or end the day, it really doesn't matter.

Slim Dusty: one of the best for truckers.

Looking Forward, Looking Back, Slim Dusty

And just for the fun of it:

Under the Spell of the Highway, Slim Dusty