Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Incredible -- It Never Quits -- Another Renewable Energy Program Financed by DOE -- Failing

Link here.

And if you don't read to the very last line in the article, you would never know that this debacle was specifically designed to carry wind energy.
The Western Area Power Administration should stop approving loans for energy transmission projects until it determines how a Montana-to-Canada transmission line that received a $161 million loan became so far behind schedule and over budget that it was in danger of failing, the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Inspector General said in a new report.

The report was issued Friday as a "management alert" because WAPA had committed $25 million in development money to the proposed $3 billion TransWest Express transmission line from south-central Wyoming to southern Nevada [Senator Reid's home state], inspector general Gregory H. Friedman wrote. WAPA might be asked to approve up to $1.5 billion in federal loans to the project.
Enbridge is now taking over the financing of this debacle.

And like any good joke, the last line is the punch line:
The line is proposed to carry wind energy.
I cannot make this stuff up. 

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