Monday, October 24, 2011

Napoleon, ND -- Southeast of Bismarck -- Mini-Boom AND No Oil -- Two Words: Community Pride

No link yet; on-line Williston Herald only; I assume it will be released to general public in day or two.

Napoleon, ND. Population 800.

Spokesperson says the town "leads the world in per capita construction."  Lots of building and/or renovation going on in this small rural town, southeast of Bismarck.

No oil.

Explanation for building:
  • Progressive business community
  • Strong crop prices over the past few years
  • Cycle of improvement; one business upgrades, others follow (sort of the opposite of urban decay)
  • "Generational turn" -- younger generation staying to take over parents' farm, ranch, or business
  • More people, especially with young children, are attracted to small-town lifestyles

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