Monday, October 24, 2011

Basic Review of The Bakken, North Dakota, USA

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This will take you back to a very nice post dated July 20, 2010.

This helps explain why the Bakken activity is moving to McKenzie County.

At the presentation linked at that posting, one will see that the Bakken "bull's-eye" is  northeastern McKenzie Count and southwestern Williams County. It was fortuitous that the land west of Williston was best suited for oil-related industrial parks -- this location is a straight shot to the core of the Bakken. 

In earlier postings I have voiced concern about the Truck Reliever Route emphasizing a north-south corridor when my natural instincts were to advocate an east-west corridor.

Looking back at the presentation, and seeing the activity northwest of Williston, I need to re-think my position. It may be that thinking about the Truck Reliever Route as a "bypass" around Williston is the wrong paradigm. I'm thinking that the correct paradigm is to think of the TRR as a north-south road (from the prolific area north and northwest of Williston) to the very prolific McKenzie County. It just happens that the Williston industrial parks west of Williston sit right in the middle of this thoroughfare. How incredibly fortuitous. As noted before, highway engineers need to concentrate on the interchange at four-mile corner.

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