Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dimond Field Update -- Bakken, North Dakota, USA



None in 2014
None in 2013

  • 22593, loc, OXY USA,
  • 22592, loc, OXY USA,
  • 22534, loc, OXY USA,
  • 22529, loc, OXY USA,
  • 22528, loc, OXY USA,
  • 22527, loc, OXY USA,
  • 22519, 10, OXY USA, Ward Lake 1-5-6H-160-91, t6/12; cum 57K 12/14;
  • 22262, 352, OXY USA, Little Butte 1-21-28H-160-90, t5/12; cum 93K 12/14;
  • 22183, 196, OXY USA, Big Spring 1-22-27H-160-90, t5/12; cum 124K 12/14;
  • 22177, 23, OXY USA, Split Ridge 1-2-1H-160-91, t9/12; cum 24K 12/14;

February 18, 2013:
  • 22519, 10 (no typo), OXY USA, Ward Lake 1-5-6H-160-91, Dimond,  an extension of the Dimond field; Three Forks well; 21 stages; 2.1 million lbs;  t6/12; cum 8K 12/12;
September 5, 2012:
  • 21619, 62, OXY USA, Sorlie 160-90-7-P16-1H, Dimond oil field; 
September 4, 2012:
  • 21531, 412, OXY USA, Nordloef 160-90-30P-1H, Dimond, < 10k in first four months; cum 11K 7/12
July 18, 2012
  • 22183, 196, OXY USA, Big Spring 1-22-27H-160-90, Dimond, t5/12; cum 5K 5/12;
January 20, 2012: not all impressed with OXY USA wells in Dimond oil field.

July 16, 2011: I was asked up to update this field, which I did this date. Not much has changed with regard to new IPs. The individual asked if I was concerned about "canceled" permits. No, I am not. OXY bought out Anschutz, and OXY most likely re-surveyed and/or looked at the siting and decided to cancel a few permits and re-submit in nearby areas. See status of the field at bottom of this page. Of the 26 permits on file for this field, three have been permanently canceled.

Original Posting (February 9, 2011)
IPs / production will be updated
The Dimond field is now "owned" by OXY USA. The permits used to be those of Cirque but somewhere along the line (between 2009 and 2010) it appears OXY bought all of Cirque's assets in the Bakken.

This is a small field in Burke County, only 44 sections, and is on the northeastern side of the Williston Basin in North Dakota. It is not all that far from the Canadian border, and is just east of the Cottonwood field. I have never been very impressed with the Cottonwood field, and the Dimond is even farther away from the Bakken core. But maybe OXY can make it pay.

The field is about eight miles west of Kenmare, North Dakota; and, about seven miles southwest of Bowbells, North Dakota. State highway #8 pretty much cuts the field in half, a west side field, and an east side field.

On February, 2011, there were two rigs on site, both on the east side of the field:
  • 20196, OXY, Sorlie 160-90-18-P-1H (rig off site, April, 2011)
  • 20032, OXY, Kannegieter 160-90-17-P-1H (rig off site, April, 2011)
On July 16, 2011, there were two rigs on site, both on the west side of the field:
  • 20865 (20389 on same pad), ROS, OXY, OXY 160-91-10-4-P-2H
  • 20779, ROS, OXY, Haroldson 160-91-14-D-1H
    There are six producing wells in the field, all short laterals (at initial posting). Most, if not all, were all originally CIRQUE wells but are now OXY's. Most of them, I assume, were fractured with single-digit number of stages.
    • 18476, 101, OXY, Feast of Fools 12-16H, 33K in 9 months
    • 18389, 278, OXY, True Blonde 16-15H, 22K in 7 months
    • 18299, 63, OXY, Red Lady 36-4H, 18K in 9 months
    • 18219, 197, OXY, Honkers 9-16H, 43K in 12 months
    • 18394, 351, OXY, Mad Hatter 16-4H, 25K in 5 months
    • 17699, 614, OXY, Trippell 32-16H, 95K in 16 months
    The following are all confidential (as of April, 2011):
    • 20364, OXY, Jacobson 160-90-6-P-1H
    • 20369, OXY, Sorlie 160-90-7-P-1H
    • 19349, OXY, Pick Axe 19-4H
    • 20235, OXY, Olson 160-90-10-P-1H
    • 20350, OXY, Ankenbauer 160-90-34-D-1H
    • 19440, OXY, Sunshine 31-16H
    • 19067, 137, OXY, Easy Street 3-4H
    • 20389, OXY, Swenson 160-91-4-P-1H
    • 20313, OXY, Haroldson 160-91-10-P-1H
    • 19363, 200, OXY, Moose Drool 9-16H, 3K in one month
    • 20237, OXY, Swenson 160-91-15-D-1H, rig on site, April, 2011
    • 20317, OXY, Swenson 160-19-11-P-1H
    • 20352, OXY, Reistad 160-91-13-D-1H -- permit canceled
    • 20657, OXY, OXY Swenson 160-91-13-11-P-2H, rig on site, April, 2011
    • 20570, OXY, Swenson 160-91-11-P-1H,
    • 20722, OXY, Ankenbauer 160-90-34-D-1H
    Status of the Dimond Field on July 16, 2011 -- Source: NDIC

    File NoAPI NoWell TypeWell StatusStatus DateDTDLocationOperatorWell NameField
    203643301301550ConfidentialSESE 6-160-90OXY USA INC.JACOBSON 160-90-6-P-1HDIMOND
    203693301301551ConfidentialSESE 7-160-90OXY USA INC.SORLIE 160-90-7-P-1HDIMOND
    182193301301463OGA12/5/200913770SESE 9-160-90OXY USA INC.HONKERS 9-16HDIMOND
    202353301301542ConfidentialSESE 10-160-90OXY USA INC.OLSON 160-90-10-P-1HDIMOND
    183943301301472OGA7/3/201013800NWNW 16-160-90OXY USA INC.MAD HATTER 16-4HDIMOND
    200323301301536OGDRL12/24/2010SESE 17-160-90OXY USA INC.KANNEGIETER 160-90-17 P-1HDIMOND
    201963301301541OGDRL1/14/2011SESE 18-160-90OXY USA INC.SORLIE 160-90-18-P-1HDIMOND
    193493301301512OGDRL9/6/2010NWNW 19-160-90OXY USA INC.PICK AXE 19-4HDIMOND
    194403301301516OGDRL11/9/2010SESE 31-160-90OXY USA INC.SUNSHINE 31-16HDIMOND
    176993301301444OGA8/15/200913507SESE 32-160-90OXY USA INC.TRIPPELL 32-16HDIMOND
    210893301301583OGLOC6/28/2011NWNW 33-160-90OXY USA INC.STAAEL 160-90-33-D-1HDIMOND
    203503301301548OGPNC4/7/2011NWNW 34-160-90OXY USA INC.ANKENBAUER 160-90-34-D-1HDIMOND
    207223301301566ConfidentialSESE 34-160-90OXY USA INC.ANKENBAUER 160-90-34-P-1HDIMOND
    190673301301502OGA2/10/201114287NWNW 3-160-91OXY USA INC.EASY STREET 3-4HDIMOND
    203893301301553ConfidentialSESE 4-160-91OXY USA INC.SWENSON 160-91-4-P-1HDIMOND
    208653301301574ConfidentialSESE 4-160-91OXY USA INC.OXY 160-91-10-4-P-2HDIMOND
    205703301301559ConfidentialSESE 5-160-91OXY USA INC.BEARD 160-91-5-P-1HDIMOND
    207433301301571ConfidentialNWNW 8-160-91OXY USA INC.ERICKSON 160-91-8-D-1HDIMOND
    193633301301513OGA1/17/201114673SESE 9-160-91OXY USA INC.MOOSE DROOL 9-16HDIMOND
    203133301301546OGPNC5/4/2011SESE 10-160-91OXY USA INC.HAROLDSON 160-91-10-P-1HDIMOND
    203173301301547ConfidentialSESE 11-160-91OXY USA INC.SWENSON 160-91-11-P-1HDIMOND
    206573301301561ConfidentialSESE 11-160-91OXY USA INC.OXY SWENSON 160-91-13-11-P-2HDIMOND
    184763301301475OGA3/10/201014143SESE 12-160-91OXY USA INC.FEAST OF FOOLS 12-16HDIMOND
    203523301301549OGPNC3/24/2011NWNW 13-160-91OXY USA INC.REISTAD 160-91-13-D-1HDIMOND
    207793301301572ConfidentialNWNW 14-160-91OXY USA INC.HAROLDSON 160-91-14-D-1HDIMOND
    202373301301543ConfidentialNWNW 15-160-91OXY USA INC.SWENSON 160-91-15-D-1HDIMOND
    183893301301471OGA5/11/201013575SWSE 16-160-91OXY USA INC.TRUE BLONDE 16-15HDIMOND
    182993301301468OGA3/5/201014141NWNW 36-160-91OXY USA INC.RED LADY 36-4HDIMOND


      1. K ... as in dollars?

      2. regarding producing wells: K ... as in dollar amount?

      3. re producing wells, 'K' as in $1000K?

      4. Generally speaking, when recording results of wells, the IP is placed in "bold, red." If I include the total amount of oil produced to date, that is placed in "bold, back."

        Bold and color does not show up in comments, but as an example:
        17699, 614, OXY, Trippell 32-16H, 95K in 16 months

        The "614" (bold, red) is IP; the "95K" (bold, black) is total amount of oil produced as of the date originally posted, unless otherwise specified.

        Dollar amount of oil produced would seldom ("never") be known because "we" would have no idea the details of the contracts, or the price of oil when the oil was sold, etc.

      5. That should probably be 44 sections not 44 acres for the size of the field

      6. Thank you for catching that. It is much appreciated.
        I have corrected it.

      7. Is there a section on your site that explain what the following terms 'really' mean or how it translates to production of the oil sent to market?: IP, total production #'s (ie 33K in 9 months), bopd, bowd? I am trying to make sense of this, for example, if a well produces 33K in xmonths, does that the number of barrels sent to market? Thanks!

      8. Yes, I know it's confusing. It's my fault. I started the site simply for myself to keep track of what is/was going on, and used shorthand in some cases.

        In general:

        1. IP (initial production): in bold, red, when accompanied with file/permit number and well names. (IPs are often very different for same well: the press release of the operator, the press release of a partner with working interest, and the number reported to the NDIC can all be different. Initially, I took the first number reported; I am gradually converting them to NDIC number to be consistent. But I have seen IPs from a company reported at 2,000 and the IP for the same well reported to the NDIC to be as low as 700.)

        2. Total cumulative production: only recently have I started including this. When it is included, it is in "bold, black" and is the number provided by NDIC. The number is the amount of oil produced. The NDIC also provides the amount of "bbls run" on a monthly basis but it is not totaled as a cumlative. "Bbls run," I believe, is the amount "run" into the pipeline for sale. So, the number I report is bbls of oil produced over a given period of time (usually months). I do not report the "bbls run" which is the amount "run" into the pipeline for sale.

        3. The cumulative is barrels of oil per month. I occasionally mis-state and say barrels of oil per day (bopd) and when I do, someone usually catches me to correct it. Again, cumulative pretty much has to be oil/month, unless specifically stated otherwise, which would be very rare.

        4. I almost never report barrels of water per day (bowd).

        5. BOPD or bopd: barrels of oil/day.

        6. BOEPD or boepd: barrels of oil equivalent/day (includes oil and natural gas).

        7. So, if I say "total cumulative is 33K as of January, 2011," or "33K over six months," I am saying that the company reported to the NDIC that that particular well produced 33,000 barrels of oil that month. I do not report, as a rule (never have, as far as I know) how much oil they actually "ran" into the pipelines for sale.

        Hopefully, this helps, and I didn't make any typographical errors. I will probably put a stand-alone post to explain it, because I do a lot of abbreviations/jargon as reminders for me, which is confusing to others.

      9. I believe well # 20657 is Beard

      10. Any updates on how dimond field is coming along - any issues with cancelled permits with OXY?

      11. I haven't had time to do many updates. I will see if I can find time later tonight or tomorrow. If I update, I generally alert folks in a stand-alone post, if the update is significant enough.

      12. I updated the field July 16, 2011. I don't know if I answered your question(s). If not, let me know, and I will see what I can do.