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Nothing Like A Recall to Shed Light on a Few Things -- Absolutely Nothing About the Bakken


February 7, 2012: Fisker continues to lay off more employees in the even as it seeks more government loans (bailout). The story was found in the India Times.

Original Post
Link here.
Fisker Automotive is recalling all 239 of its 2012 Karma luxury plug-in hybrid cars because of a fire hazard.

Prices on the 2012 model start at $103,000, including the destination charge.

In a report filed recently on the agency’s Web site, Fisker said some hose clamps were not properly positioned, which could allow a coolant leak. “If coolant enters the battery compartment an electrical short could possibly occur, causing a thermal event within the battery, including a possible fire in the worse case,” the company told the safety agency.
Other data points:
  • This is the company in Finland to which the Obama adminstation loaned $529 million to develop $100,000 cars
  • All 239 cars -- that's it -- $529 million for 239 cars; and they now cost $103,000
  • But this is very, very interesting: "fewer than 50 vehicles are in the hands of consumers" -- which means the rest are with the company, the board of directors, insiders, etc. I doubt many are in show rooms -- and, if so, which show rooms
This sounds like a bunch of foreigners got a cool half-billion dollars to build themselves some personal luxury cars.

But, again, we are starting to see a common theme in coal-powered cars: coolant and batteries don't mix -- huge fire danger.

Again, without the Drudge Report, one wonders how much of this would really be reported by the mainstream media. It should be noted that the original link did not include that little tidbit about the half-billion-dollar loan from the Obama administration.

It was also interesting to note that The New York Times tried to dilute the irony of this story by peppering it with a half dozen other vehicular (and scooter) recalls. Italian scooter recalls? Give me a break.


By the way, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to connect the dots regarding a half-billion-dollar loan to a foreign car company and a re-election campaign. See first comment below if you need a hint.

By the way, that link:
".... follows a $465 million government loan to Tesla Motors Inc., purveyors of a $109,000 British-built electric Roadster. Tesla is a California startup focusing on all-electric vehicles, with a number of celebrity endorsements that is backed by investors that have contributed to Democratic campaigns."

Yes, Sir, I Can Boogie, Baccara

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Week 52: December 24 -- December 31, 2011

1,926 permits issued in North Dakota in calendar year 2011

Motley Fool's year-end review of the Bakken, part I

Breitling, a new company, enters the Bakken

EPA fracking study in Wyoming doesn't hold water

New Poll Posted -- Sidebar at the Right

After posting my thoughts regarding the "unfairness" of the Bakken boom, I thought it would be interesting to get an up/down vote of how others feel. Obviously, "no" and "life is unfair" will both be counted as "no" votes, albeit slightly different connotations.


On the Gym:

The Gym

On Going Commando:

Going Commando

Is it just my imagination or has the most interesting man gotten more interesting over time? Rhetorical; please don't respond.

A bit more biography:

A Bit More Biography

Another Presidential Economic Advisor Jumps Ship -- Kodak About Ready to Go Under -- Absolutely Nothing To Do With The Bakken

Link here.
The third director in a week has resigned from Eastman Kodak Co as the former film giant struggles to survive the dominance of digital photography.

Laura Tyson, a professor and White House advisor, told Kodak on Thursday she was resigning from its board, the company said on Friday in a Securities and Exchange filing.

Kodak, which was once synonymous with photography, is looking to sell patents to shore up its shrinking cash position and stay in business after failing to turn an annual profit since 1997.

Last month, the Rochester, New York-based company warned that unless it could raise $500 million in new debt or sell some patents in its portfolio, it might not survive 2012.

Tyson, who did not immediately respond to a request for comment, is a professor at the Walter A. Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.

She has also served as a member of President Barack Obama's Economic Recovery Advisory Board and in the 1990s advised the Clinton administration on the economy.
Everything in bold says it all.  Maybe it's just me, but it certainly looks like the administration had to go out of its way to find such distinguished advisers.


That's a Wrap -- 1,926 New Permits Issued In Calendar Year 2011 -- North Dakota, USA

With the ten (10) new permits issued today, a total of 1,926 permits were issued in North Dakota in calendar year 2011.

My data base may be a bit different than what the NDIC reports, but I bet it won't be far off.

Maybe later, I will do some sort of analysis of the 1,926 permits.
By county (six biggest counties in terms of number of permits -- data from Bakkenblog):
  • Burke: 99
  • Divide: 129
  • Dunn: 306
  • Mountrail: 338
  • Williams: 376
  • McKenzie: 505
Bakkenblog tallies 1,929 permits, by the way, compared to the 1,926 I got; I assume their numbers are closer to the NDIC tally. 

The last ten permits for the year included Slawson permits for a 4-well pad in Alger field; three of the four wells will target the Three Forks formation, rather than the Bakken, which is a huge difference than what one would normally expect, two wells targeting the Bakken, and two wells targeting the Three Forks. For a newbie, that may not sound like a big deal, but for an amateur like me who has tracked the activity in the Bakken boom for the past three years, it is quite remarkable.

When this boom started, I expected one short lateral per section in the Bakken.

Then they went to long laterals.

Then they went to two-well pads in a few cases, but quickly went to four-well pads pioneered by Continental Resources. Slowly, every so slowly, the multiple well pad became the norm in 2011. Well, maybe not the norm, but certainly not rare. There was even one 5-well pad (a BEXP pad) and at least one six-well pad (Hess, I believe).

Along the way, they went from one well per section, to at least two wells per section, and Whiting is putting in as many as seven horizontals in some 1280-acre units. And others are putting in four wells in some 640-acre units (one section is 640 acres).

And so, fittingly, we finish the year with permits for a 4-well pad in Alger field, which I believe was the first oil field I "spotlighted." That was back in February, 2010. Since then I have "spotlighted" more than 75 fields in the Williston Basin, and I don't feel I have even scratched the surface.

I can only imagine what 2012 might bring. Good luck to all.

After 21 Years, the US Top Export: Oil and Refined Products -- Incredible

Link here.
For the first time in at least 21 years, the top export of the world's biggest gas guzzler, is — wait for it — fuel.

Measured in dollars, the United States is on pace this year to ship more gasoline, diesel and jet fuel than any other type of export, according to government records dating back to 1990.
Note: the record in this article has to do with "refined products," not oil per se.

However, in an earlier story this month, it was also noted that for the first time in six decades, the US was a net exporter of oil.

Under a                             administration.

In other news, this is very, very interesting:

In October, the US imported 6 percent more crude oil compared to a year earlier
U.S. crude oil imports rose 5.7 percent in October from a year ago to 9.029 million barrels a day,...

Imports were up 23,000 barrels a day from September. Crude imports were the highest in October since 2008.

Supplies from Canada, the top supplier to the U.S. since March 2006, rose 23 percent from a year ago to 2.271 million barrels a day.

Canada's share of total U.S. crude imports stood at 25 percent.

Saudi Arabia, the world's biggest oil exporter, was the second-biggest crude supplier in the month. Volume fell to 1.120 million barrels a day. Imports from Persian Gulf suppliers fell 6 percent in the month, to 1.902 million barrels a day

Third-place Mexico shipped its lowest crude volume since April.
Okay, let's re-word some of that, putting emphasis in different places.
Despite all the news about unconventional oil being produced in America (mostly the Bakken right now), the US crude imports were the highest since 2008 -- three years ago. Is this a sign that the economy is recovering or the US is actually producing less oil?

There has been a huge increase in oil supplies from Canada even as supplies from Mexico continue to fall. There have been many, many stories about Mexico's oil industry slowly imploding due to national policies and union rules. Mideast crude imports dropped.

Thus, at the end of the day, it was oil -- that dirty, heavy, sands oil -- from Canada that was fueling the US. Interesting.

Great Way To Finish Out The Year -- Ten (10) New Permits -- The Bakken, North Dakota, USA

Daily activity report, December 30, 2011 --

Operators: Slawson (4), KOG (2), Whiting (2), Hess, Samson Resources

Fields: Rainbow, South Fork, Alger, Bluffton, Bell. 

Just when I was thinking (earlier today) that I had not seen much of Slawson lately, they show up with four permits on the last business day of the year: it looks like permits for a 4-well pad.

Both of Whiting's permits are in the very interesting Bell field.

Five wells were released from "tight hole" status; only two were completed, including:

  • 17891, 1,064, Marathon, Kovaloff 34-8H, Dunn County; that's a relatively old permit.
I was not familiar with Bluffton oil field. And I can see why. It's located about as far north as one can get in North Dakota, up near the Divide County/Canadian border (but not the farthest north; there are a couple fields farther north). Understandably, there is very little activity in this field. Samson Resources has the Bluffton oil field permit.

Rainbow oil field is in northern Williams County near Divide County; it is on township in size and no activity yet. In fact, with absolutely no activity, except for two dry holes from a previous boom, one wonders how this got to be a field, and why this new permit is not a wildcat. I must be missing something. 

South Fork is in the reservation, just west of Heart Butte, a very good field. South Fork has some activity, and my hunch is that it is going to be a very good field. KOG has the permit in South Fork. And a lot more permits there, also.

At This Level, I Am A Marxist Socialist -- Absolutely Everything To Do With The Bakken

Link here.

I think I may have seen this NY Times story earlier but did not post it/link it. But after seeing some of the quotes in this story (same link) the NY Times is absolutely nuts, and completely missing a bigger story. And if anyone should see the bigger story, it should be the NY Times.

The writer says the boom is not fair. Well, duh.

The writer notes that some folks in North Dakota are now able to afford a new automobile for the first time in their lives because of royalties (or a good-paying job); and some folks are taking a vacation for the first time in their lives because of royalties (or a good-paying job); but some folks are not benefiting from the boom.

Read the story closely. Then try to square this story with the fact that the NY Times is going broke, and has lost 80 percent of its share price in the stock market. It's not difficult to do. How can one square the rest of their journalistic acumen (of lack thereof) with their spin on this story, and missing the bigger story?

In case the link is broken, here are some of the actual NY Times' quotes:
As with any major boom — from real estate to tech stocks to natural resources — the sudden split between the winners and the witnesses has been painful. But this is happening in a small town, where proximity and familiarity make a sudden reordering all the more difficult.
“It’s not all good,” said Leslie Anderson, who is among the lucky locals who sometimes make more from a single month of oil payments than he used to earn in a year of farming. “There are lots of families fighting that got along before.” …
Residents say a culture of modest living means they don’t know for sure which of their neighbors are making money off oil, though they have suspicions.
“I’m seeing people that have never owned a new vehicle in their life driving a new car,” said Wade Enget, a local lawyer, who estimated that about half the residents are receiving oil money. “People who never took a day off are going on vacation.”
Anyone upset over the fact that a neighbor bought a new vehicle for the first time in his/her life, or anyone upset over the fact that a neighbor can take a vacation for the first time in his/her life, that "anyone" needs to get a life. A new car, a vacation! Even without royalties, anyone already with a place to live in the Bakken, can find an incredibly well-paying job. And a well-paying job will result in a new car or a vacation if that is what one desires.

Housing is the problem; getting a job in North Dakota is not.

I am thrilled for any North Dakota farmer who becomes a millionaire. Folks need to do a bit of reading; they can start with Plains Folks: North Dakota's Ethnic History. It has not been an easy road for these farmers or their grandparents. The book can be bought at or at Books on Broadway in Williston. (Some years ago I read out load Giants in the Earth to a very close friend; I was unable to get through the last chapter without tearing up. I read the book to her to provide some background to where I came from. She was from the East Coast; our backgrounds were very different. But I digress.)

By the way, if Leslie Anderson is concerned, he can donate eleven months' of royalties to those who need it. I don't have a lot of time for folks who are "concerned" but are rich beyond their dreams and don't know how to help.

If it's a small community, all they have to do is set up a co-op and share. That was the history of those who came to North Dakota a hundred years ago. (Read "Langer and the NPL" at this site.) My hunch is that in a community of 50 people, or in a community of ten families, three or five "lucky ones" could make life very, very nice for everyone in that small community. They could set up a trust fund for the community of 50.

I own no mineral rights but if I became an overnight millionaire by being "one of the lucky ones," I would make it right with my "small community." At this level, in this situation, I am a Marxist socialist.

Cher said it best: "I've been poor and I've been rich. Rich is better."

Part of "rich being better" is to share it with your family and neighbors.

[Cher, by the way, is one of my favorite philosophers.]

This video has nothing to to do with this post. It simply caught my fancy. "Dance Me To the End of Love" was written by Leonard Cohen. I honestly did not think there could be a better interpretation of this song than Leonard's but I do think Ms Peyroux has nailed it. The video editing/synchronization is incredible.

Dance Me To The End of Love, Leonard Cohen, performed by Madeleine Peyroux

Largest Independent Refiner in Europe to Shut Down Three Refineries -- Credit Window Closed -- Nothing To Do With The Bakken

Read this story in light of America's increasing stature as a net exporter of oil and refined oil products.
The Zug, Switzerland-based independent refiner said it will start temporary economic shutdowns in January of its refineries in Petit Couronne, France, 161,800 b/d; Antwerp, Belgium, 107,500 b/d; and Cressier, Switzerland, 68,000 b/d, “given limited credit availability and the economic climate in Europe.”

Restart of the facilities, the company said, is “dependent on economic conditions and credit availability.”
Lenders froze a $1 billion lending facility for this company.

The European recession is beginning.

[For comparison, the Tesoro refinery in Mandan, ND, is increasing its capacity from 58,000 to 68,000 b/d. The story above did not say how much refining capacity there was in Europe, or what percent this "shut-down" represents.]

Williams To Buy Gathering Unit in the Marcellus -- Nothing To Do With The Bakken

Link here.
Williams Partners LP, Tulsa, reported it will acquire the Laser Northeast Gathering System and other midstream businesses from Delphi Midstream Partners LLC, a unit of American Securities LLC, and management, for about $750 million.

The Laser gathering system currently consists 33 miles of 16-in. natural gas pipeline and associated gathering in Susquehanna County, Pa., as well as 10 miles of gathering pipeline in southern New York.

Government Motors: Recalls the 2012 Sonic -- Missing Brake Pads

Over the years, I have sort of understood and accepted recalls. They seemed "legitimate" as in engineering defects / design defects that might not have been caught before mass produced, but MISSING BRAKE PADS!

How does one quantify that lapse?

For a professional wedding photographer: forgetting to remove the lens cap.

For a surgeon: forgetting which leg to amputate.

For city highway department: striping an old highway, and then laying new asphalt (yes, the USAF did that at Grand Forks Air Force Base when I was stationed there in 1982).

For a stock broker: putting in a sell order when the client wanted to buy Apple.

For a Bakken oil operator: drilling into the Spearfish when targeting the Bakken.

For Japanese nuclear plant designers: placing emergency/auxiliary electric motors below sea level.

Missing brake pads, incredible.

For Investors Only -- What A Great Story for the Last Trading Day -- 7 Bakken Stocks To Do Well -- SeekingAlpha

Link here.

Here are the seven, in the order presented, that the writer says will rise 50 percent in share price: NOG, CLR, KOG, GeoResources (GEOI), Abraxas (AXAS), EOG, and OAS.

That's practically everything in the Bakken. I assume the  writer would have included BEXP, also, had it not been bought by Statoil.

Noticeably absent: Whiting, SSN, Triangle Petroleum --- which I found strange, unless the writer realized that was about all that was left.

Companies like Newfield, SM, Williams, XOM, COP, etc., are all in the Bakken, but the Bakken is a small part of their overall portfolio.

Blurbs from each that caught my interest:

  • 23,000 net acres in Indian Hill, which will be huge; this field right in the bull's eye
  • 20% of their CAPEX will be in this one field
  • "Increasing production and decreasing costs"
  • Lukewarm analysis; counting on the Eagle Ford
  • Small company, but nicely diversified: not only the Bakken, but also Eagle Ford
  • I forget but I think Abraxas acreage in the Eagle Ford is substantial
  • I don't own any shares of AXAS (and no plans to buy) but it certainly looks interesting
  • Pristine balance sheet compared to its peers
  • 150,000 acres; could triple its production by end of 2012 (up to 30,000 bbls)
  • Production up to 70,000 bbls daily
  • Note: CLR market cap $12 billion; almost 1 million acres in the Bakken; while KOG had less than 100,000 acres until recently; a market cap of $2 billion -- and then compare daily production of each)
  • Growth continues and rate of growth could accelerate
  • Already to 160,000 acres; market cap, $1.5 billion and greater acreage than KOG

Verizon Charging Customers $2 Fee For Paying Their Bills On-Line -- Absolutely Nothing To Do With The Bakken -- Never Mind -- Not Gonna Happen


3:15 p.m., same day, December 30, 2011: Verizon CEO says: "Oh, oh....big mistake....can you spell "NETFLIX"?....oh, oh.....we really didn't mean it.....the $2 fee was just a trial balloon....we won't impose the $2 fee...."
This suggests to me the multi-millionaire/multi-billionaire CEOs (and Congressmen and Senators are in that same group) have lost touch with the general public. Some months ago I was informed by Macy's that they would be charging $2.00 even if the outstanding balance was less than $2.00. They said that if the outstanding balance, for example, was 64 cents, I would be charged $2.00 (to cover the cost of processing).  My outstanding balance happened to be less than $2.00 that month (just coincidental; I was in the process of paying off that credit card). I immediately paid the $2.00 and then wrote to Macy's telling them to cancel my account. They credited my account that $2.00 but by then the account had been canceled in my mind. I followed up with another note, and said, "no, I really meant it. I want the account canceled." 
It's not the $2.00. It's the "principle" of the issue. And that "cost of processing"? That process is completely electronic; whether I have a $100 balance or a 64-cent balance, the cost to process is the same, I would assume, when it's all done electronically.

I find it incredible that companies like Macy's work so hard to attract new customers, and then do something so stupid to lose their customers. It certainly appears the marketing side of the house and the bean-counters in the back offices are not talking to each other.

I see the same thing in the airlines. The CEOs in their airline magazines tell you how great the flying experience is, and then insure that flight attendants don't have an extra bag of snacks (5-cent cost) for folks in coach. (Speaking of which, are those magazines really worth it?)

Original Post
Link here.
Verizon Wireless, which this month angered customers with three separate data service problems, said on Thursday it will add a $2 fee for one-time telephone and online bill payments.
The planned change, to take effect on January 15, was greeted by a storm of criticism.

Consumer blog Engadget said charging customers to pay was "downright ludicrous." Another tech website,, said the move "made little sense."

"The fee is designed to address costs incurred by us for only those customers who choose to make one-time bill payments in alternate payment channels (online, mobile, telephone) and who choose not to use the other options available to them ...," Verizon Wireless spokesman Thomas Pica said in an email.
If not "online, mobile, telephone," pray tell, what are the other options: US Postal Service, FedEx, and walk-in? 

In response, Verizon said:
Verizon is adding the fee to address costs it incurs for processing such payments, according to an e-mailed statement from the company. The charge doesn’t apply to customers who enroll in automatic payment plans, use electronic checks, pay at a Verizon Wireless store, send in checks or pay through their online banking website.
Back to mail or paying in person? That is less expensive than month-to-month on-line payments. I must be missing something. Everyone else is going to electronic payment. This does not make sense. If "everyone" does this, one would need to set up a dozen accounts for more to pay bills on-line -- each with a proprietary site. I pay all my bills on-line through one site. Why would I want to go to a dozen separate proprietary sites to pay my monthly bills. This simply does not make sense.

ATT, Sprint, others don't charge folks to pay their bills on-line. 

The article goes on to say that Verizon has admitted to growing pains.

It looks like the new poster child for cellular irritation has passed from ATT to Verizon.

On a separate note, I see T-Mobile is back to advertising on television. I had not seen a T-Mobile ad  in weeks, and last night I saw one. I could have just missed them, but if accurate, the timing makes sense. The Justice department said "no way" to ATT-T-Mobile deal. In the big scheme of things, bad news for consumers: T-Mobile will hold significant amount of bandwidth and ever-increasing number of subscribers. It would be the same as an unused highway lane for no other reason than some folks somewhere trying to slow down traffic.

For Investors Only -- Top 5 Managers for Ordering Newbuilds

Rigzone link here.

#5: Transocean (RIG)
2011: ordered 5 offshore drilling units; elected not to exercise option for 2 additional units; Daewoo, South Korea
#4: Standard Drilling
Company founded in 2010, pure ply premium jackup company
2011: ordered six jackups; Keppel FELS, Singapore; first unit to arrive 2013
#3: Maersk Drilling
2011: ordered 6 offshore drilling units; 4 drillships from Samsunng, South Korea; two jackups from Keppel FELS, Singapore
#2: Petrobras
2011: Petrobras and Estaleiro Atlantico Sul joined forces to create Sete Brasil to meet Petrobras' need for pre-salt drilling activities. Will build 7 deepwater rigs. The rigs are being built in Brazil. Delivery dates for the rigs are expected between early 2015 and early 2018.
#1: Noble
2011: ordered 8 offshore drilling units; four drillships, Hyundai, South Korea; 7 deepwater units under construction with delivery dates now through end of 2014; fleet will total 28 deepwater units

Side note: South Korea is also manufacturing the major components of onshore oil processing facilities; see "Megaloads" tag at bottom of blog. What is it about South Korea that seems to make it #1 in such endeavors? Rhetorical question; don't answer, but it's another industry the US let slip away, and it can't be blamed on the current or the previous administration.

Look how far and how fast Petrobras has come.

New Wells Reporting: 1Q12 -- The Bakken, North Dakota, USA

This page: 1Q12

For detailed explanation on how this page works, look at the bottom of the page at this link.
Data for 4Q11: 4Q11
Data for 3Q11: 3Q11
Data for 2Q11: 2Q11
Data for 1Q11: 1Q11
 Data for 2H10: 2H10 
Through 1H10: 1H10
(IPs in parentheses: press release, generally 24-hour flowback released by company)

Almost all of the links below will be broken; they linked to "Teegues" discussion group which has now gone away.

21155, PA/4, Vecta, Mark Kok 15-1, Plaza Oil Field, a Madison well; spacing is ICO; spud 9/11;
21076, 290, Slawson, Sorcerer 1-14-15H, Kittleson Slough, t2/12; cum 94K 2/15;
21043, 554, Petro-Hunt, Pankake 157-99-6A-7-1H, wildcat, Bakken, just inside the northeast corner of Dublin oil field north of Williston near the Divide County line; t12/11; cum 160K 2/15;
21287, 835, Hess, EN-Thronson-154-94-2029H-1, Alkali Creek, Bakken, t6/12; cum 159K 2/15;
21133, 540, Hess, EN-Riersgard-156-93-1718H-3, Hess, Bakken, t412; cum 149K 2/15;
20100, DRL, ERF, Yellowbird 6A-1H, Mandaree, Bakken, most recent sundry form dated December 13, 2013; the company noted a problem during fracking; will work-over and try again; t7/14; cum 45K 2/15;
21491, 835,  CLR, Bohmbach 4-35H, Elm Tree, Bakken, t7/12; cum 109K 2/15;
20832, 1,200, BR, Outlaw Gap 34-23TFH, Sand Creek, Bakken, t1/12; cum 178K 2/15;

21161, TA, Petro-Hunt, Ostad 157-100-2D-1-1, Dublin, Madison, spud 9/11;
19171, 128, OXY USA, Schneider 1-33-28H-143-96, Fayette, Bakken, s5/11; t9/11; cum 150K 2/15;
21083, 413, G3 Operating, Doris 1-28-33H; IP erroneously reported as 4,113 by NDIC; 30 frac stages, 3 million lbs sand; wildcat, 22 northwest of Williston; s9/11; t1/12; cum 59K 2/15;

20646, 267, Samson Resources, Skyline 4-9-163-99H, Ambrose, t3/12; cum 72K 2/15;
21132, 372, Hess, EN-State C-156-93-1615H-2, Alger,  t4/12; cum 152K 2/15;
21282, 3,219, Statoil/BEXP, Margaret 5-8 1H, Wildcat/Spring Creek, Bakken, t1/12; cum 169K 2/15;

19160, 297, Petro-Hunt, Johnson 158-94-14B-23-1H, East Tioga, t12/11; cum 100K 2/15;
19171, 128, OXY USA, Schneider 1-33-28H-143-96, Fayette (another relatively poor OXY USA well); t9/11; cum 150K 2/15;
20283, 383, Whiting, Fladeland 12-20TFH, Sanish, t10/11; cum 189K 2/15;
20924, 1,299, Hess, EN-Sorenson A-154-94-0211H-2, Alkali Creek, t2/12; cum 208K 2/15;
21085, 933, Denbury, Satter 24-35NEH, Siverston, t1/12; cum 225K 2/15;
21131, 705, Hess, EN-Riersgard-156-93-1718H-2, Alger, t4/12; cum 202K 2/15;
21262, 745, Hess, EN-Rohde-157-94-3625H-1, Big Butte, t3/13; cum 126K 2/15;
21457, 1,829, MRO, Lucky One 21-2H, Reunion Bay, t6/12; cum 199K 2/15;

20006, 268, EOG, Lostwood 21-1402H, Kittleson Slough, t12/11; cum 179K 2/15;
20009, 407, EOG, Lostwood 6-1102H, Kittleson Slough, t11/11; cum 217K 2/15;
20010, 327, EOG, Lostwood 20-1123H, Kittleson Slough, t11/11; cum 153K 2/15;
20174, A, Whiting, Teddy 44-34TFH, Elkhorn Ranch, t-- ; cum 14K 2/13; 30 stages; 2.25 million lbs sand; no IP provided as of 2/13; a test well; spudded July 16, 2011; cum 23K 2/15;
20509, 1,151, Slawson, Kahuna 1-7-6H, Pleasant Hill/wildcat; t1/12; cum 86K 2/15;
20923, 807, EN-Sorenson B-155-94-3256H-2, Alkali Creek, t4/12; cum 150K 2/15;
20997, 2,823, Statoil/BEXP, Charles 3-10 1H, Todd, t5/12; cum 186K 2/15;
21003, 580, EOG, Mandaree 102-05H, Squaw Creek, t10/11; cum 95K 2/15;
21006, 3,001, BEXP, Orville 4-9 2H, Todd, t3/12; cum 220K 2/15;
21125, 1,654, BEXP, Kalil 25-36 2H, Bull Butte, t1/12; cum 120K 2/15;
21130, 739, Hess, EN-State C-156-9301615H-1, Alger, t2/12; cum 123K 2/15;
21191, 1,094, CLR, Berlain 1-30H, Patent Gate, t12/11; cum 175K 2/15;
21204, 1,071, CLR, Kate 2-19H, Big Gulch, t1/12; cum 165K 2/15;

21237, 62, Hunt, Palermo 2-6-34H, Ross, Bakken, t4/12; cum 27K 2/15;
20921, 731, Hess, EN-Sorenson A-154-94-0211H-1, Alkali Creek, Bakken, t3/12; cum 150K 2/15;
20650, 541 , CLR, McCoy 4-18H, Northwest McGregor, Bakken, t2/12; cum 111K 2/15;
21046, 2,2,64, BEXP, Jack 21-16 1H, East Fork, Bakken, t5/12; cum 164K 2/15;
21230, 1,850, Arsenal Energy, Gjoa Lynn 100-12H, Stanley, Bakken, s9/11; t12/11; F; cum 170K 2/15;

20191, 1,463, WLL, Littlefield 41-12XH, Sanish, Bakken, s5/11; t9/11; cum 348K 2/15;
19768, 261, WPX, Arikara 15-22HC, Reunion Bay, Bakken, t12/11; cum 427K 7/15;
21302, 645, CLR, Topeka 1-1H, Brooklyn Bakken, s9/11; t12/11; cum 152K 2/15;
19608, DRY, Anschutz, Harland Rebsom 1-2-11H-143-95, Murphy Creek, Bakken;

20120, 385, XTO, Olson State 11X-16, Crazy Man Creek, Bakken, t12/11; cum 142K 2/15;
20920, 654, Hess, EN-Sorenson B-155-94-352H-1, Alkali Creek, Bakken, t3/12; cum 112K 2/15;
20238, 180, WPX, Spotted Horn 26-35H, Squaw Creek, Bakken, s9/11; t1/12; cum 129K 2/15;
21473, 334, CLR, Linberg 1-24H, Bully, Bakken, s9/11; t1/12; cum 99K 2/15;

21137, 291, Samson Resources, Pheasant 14-23-163-96H, Bounty School/Wildcat, Bakken, t4/12; cum 86K 2/15;
21129, 777, Hess, EN-Riersgard-156-93-1718H-1, Alger, Bakken, 4 sections; t2/12; F; cum 179K 2/15;
18847, 353, OXY USA, Eleanor Twist 1-3-10H-143-95, Murphy Creek, Bakken, t9/11; cum 159K 7/15;
21344, 430, Hunt, Halliday 2-11-2H, Wolf Bay, Bakken, t1/12; cum 222K 2/15;
21451, 566, CLR, Tyler 1-19H, Upland, Bakken, s9/11; t12/11; cum 125K 2/15;
21045, 3,205, BEXP, Ruth 28-33 1H, East Fork, Bakken, t4/12; cum 225K 2/15;
20033, 144, WPX, Rubia 16-24H, Mandaree, Bakken, s9/11; t11/11; cum 182K 2/15;
20388, 752, Whiting, Demores Federal 31-10TFH, Chateau, Bakken, s7/11; t9/11; cum 94K 2/15;

21136, 37, Samson Resources, Starling 11-2-163-96H, Wildcat, Bakken, t4/12; cum 19K 2/15;
21399, 55, Hess, BL-Davidson-156-96-3526H-2, Beaver Lodge, Bakken, s9/11; t1/12; cum 49K 2/15;
21297, 609, Hess, BW-Kraetsch-149-99-1423H-1, Cherry Creek, Bakken, s9/11; t2/12; cum 122K 2/15;

21166, 679, Fidelity, Urho 11-36H, Sanish, Bakken, s9/11; t11/11; cum 121K 9/15;
21177, 549, CLR, Landblom 3-35H, Stoneview, Bakken, t6/12; cum 136K 2/15;
20841, 2,005, BR, Taylor 31-1H, Bully, Bakken, t12/11; cum 72K 2/15;
21086, 667, CLR, Springfield 1-8H, Brooklyn, Bakken, s9/11; t1/12; cum 157K 2/15;
21032, 905, CLR, Benner 1-6H, Jim Creek, Bakken, s9/11; t1/12; cum 154K 2/15;
21025, 1,197, Slawson, Taboo 1-25-36H, Trailside, Bakken, s9/11; t12/11; cum 85K 2/15;
20908, 1,454, BEXP, Barstad 23-14 2TFH, Alger, Bakken, s9/11; t12/11; cum 138K 2/15;
19893, 2,112 , BR, Gorhman 24-31MBH, Bailey, Bakken, t2/12; cum 138K 2/15;
18063, 1,034, Zavanna, Ocelot 1-15H, Stony Creek, Bakken, t4/12; cum 213K 2/15;

20677, 1,466, Whiting, Brehm 12-7TFH, Sanish, Bakken, t9/11; cum 158K 2/15;
20597, 2,522, Whiting, Norgard 21-13H, Ellsworth, Bakken, t9/11; cum 140K 2/15;
20253, 1,280, Petro-Hunt, Fort Berthold 148-94-30A-31-1H, Eagle Nest, Bakken, t6/12; cum 253K 7/14;
21400, 823, Hess, BL-Davidson-56-96-3526H-3, Beaver Lodge, Bakken, t6/12; cum 195K 2/15;
20534, 439, G3 Operating, Poeckes 1-32-29H, Wildcat, Bakken, s9/11; t11/11; cum 72K 7/14;
21178, 776, CLR, Lokken 4-2H, Stoneview, Bakken, t5/12; cum 154K 7/14;
21154, 2,460, Statoil/BEXP, Ron 28-33 1H, Camp, Bakken, t5/12; cum 117K 2/15;

20961, 741, Zenergy, Stepan 21-28H, Dore, Bakken, s9/11; t12/11; cum 109K 7/14;
20526, 2,446, Whiting, Smith 34-12TFH, Park, Bakken, s6/11; t9/11; cum 284K 2/15;
21436, 1,353, MRO, Pennington 31-4TFH, Reunion Bay, Bakken, s9/11; t1/12; cum 310K 2/15;
21296, 829, Hess, BW-R Peterson 149-99-1102H-1, Cherry Creek, Bakken, t3/12; cum 152K 7/14;

21145, DRY, Vecta, Neshem 26-1, wildcat, Madison (not a Bakken), s9/11;
20486, 787, SM Energy, Wolter 13-23H, West Ambrose, Bakken, s9/11; t1/12; cum 260K 2/15;
21435, 505, Slawson, Spyder 3-17H, Big Bend, Bakken, s9/11; t12/11; F; cum 123K 2/15;
20953, 343, Petro-Hunt, Johnson Family Trust 157-100-4A-9-1H, Marmon, Bakken, s9/11; t2/12; cum 65K 7/14;
20194, 63, OXY USA, Wannemacher 1-4-9H-142-95, Murphy Creek, Bakken, s3/11; t9/11; cum 82K 7/15; 18 stages; 500K sand;
20430, 237, EOG, Sidonia 43-2932H, Clear Water, Bakken, s6/11; t11/11; F; cum 115K 7/14;
19802, 1,215, EOG, Liberty LR 18-14H, Van Hook, Bakken, t10/11; cum 242K 7/14;
21305, 298, CLR, Coveleski 1-35H, wildcat, Bakken, s9/11; t12/11; F; cum 123K 7/14;
21179, 664, CLR, Landblom 2-35H, Stoneview, Bakken, t5/12; cum 136K 7/14;
21380, 1,424, Hess, LK-Pohribnak 147-96-16H-2, Cedar Coulee, Bakken, t1/12; cum 272K 2/15;
20950, AB/55, Silver Oak Energy, Rankin 1-35H, Cedar Hills, Red River B (not a Bakken); s9/11; t2/12; cum 1,566 bbls 1/12;
21051, 197, Samson Resources, Sonoma 19-30-161-92HOR, Foothills, Bakken, t3/12; cum 57K 7/14;
20824, 1,229, MRO, Bears Ghost USA 31-4H, McGregory Buttes, Bakken, s9/11; t1/12; cum 157K 7/14;
20556, 185, WPX, Gerald Hale 33-28H, Spotted Horn, Bakken, s9/11; t12/11; cum 220K 2/15;
20145, 711, XTO, Raymond 21X-5, Dollar Joe, Bakken, s9/11; t12/11; cum 99K 7/14;
20969, IA/PD, Whiting, Nistler 21-25H, Delhi/wildcat, Three Forks, s9/11; --> SWD?
20002, 391, Whiting, Praus 21-28TFH, Heart River Bakken, s6/11; t9/11; cum 63K 7/14;
20083, 25, OXY USA, Richard Dvorak 1-33-28H-143-95, Murphy Creek, Bakken, s5/11; t9/11; cum 82K 7/14; 20 stages; 1.1 million lbs sand frack
21117, 884, Hess, M Elisabeth 15-1H, Little Knife, Bakken, s9/11; t1/12; cum 147K 7/14;
21336, 554, CLR, Ruffing 1-34H, Lone Tree Lake/wildcat, Bakken, s9/11; t12/11; F; cum 146K 7/15;
21138, 2,555, BEXP, Gathman 30-19 1H, Painted Woods, Bakken, t12/11; cum 144K 7/14;
20641, 843, Whiting, Rohde 43-1TFH, Sanish, Bakken, t9/11; cum 128K 7/14;
20661, 302, SM Energy, Hoehn 2-13H, Elk, Bakken, t12/11; cum 59K 7/14;
21082, 295, Hunt, Stocke 1-4-9H 1, Bully, Bakken, t1/12; cum 57K 7/14;
21350, 858, Hess, LK-Pohribnak 147-96-16H-3, Cedar Coulee, Bakken, t1/12; cum 126K 7/14;
21153, 2,466, BEXP, Abelmann State 21-16 2H, Camp, Bakken, t1/12; F; cum 171K 2/15;
20107, 1,060, Slawson, Sauger Federal 2-22H, Van Hook, Bakken, F; cum 276K 2/15;
18272, 199, OXY USA, Jaeger 1-10-15H-141-96, St Anthony, Bakken, t11/11; cum 73K 7/14;
21180, 544, CLR, Lokken 3-2H, Stoneview, Bakken, t5/12; cum 196K 7/14;
20973, 1,138, CLR, Durham 1-2H, North Tobacco Garden, Bakken, middle Bakken, 30 stages; 2.9 million lbs sand; no mention of ceramics; t12/11; cum 181K 2/15;
20531, 1,430, BEXP, Broderson 30-31H, Banks, Bakken, Three Forks, 32 stages; 3.4 million lbs proppant including 2.1 million lbs ceramics (typical for BEXP); t12/11; cum 89K 7/14;

20949, 1,062, Whiting, Lilly Peterson 13-4TFH, Sanish, Bakken, t9/11; cum 160K 7/14;
20820, 569, Murex, Jack David 8-5H, Beaver Lodge, Bakken, s7/11; t11/11;
20386, 999, Murex, David Roger 18-19H, Glass Bluff, Bakken, t12/11; cum 48K 2/13;
21278, 233, Hess, MC-Steve Kudrna 143-95-2932H-1, Manning, Bakken, t12/11; cum 78K 2/15;
20653, 347, EOG, Fertile 41-3328H, Parshall, Bakken, t9/11; cum 78K 2/15;
21315, 765, CLR, Rehak 2-25H, Alkali Creek, Bakken, t11/11; cum 150K 2/15;
21461, 1,457, MRO, Ivan Hecker USA 41-6H 2, Murphy Creek, Bakken, t11/11; cum 157K 2/15;
21164, 38, Kaiser-Francis Oil, Spyglass 8-4, Colgan, Duperow, t12/11; cum 15K 2/15;
21016, 634, CLR, Annapolis 1-29H, Dollar Joe, Bakken, t11/11; cum 136K 2/15;
20594, 599, Whiting, Vance 44-22H, Dollar Joe, Bakken, t9/11; cum 55K 2/15;

21295, 979, Newfield, Peterson 156-99-29-32-1H, East Fork, Bakken, t5/12; cum 34K 6/12;
21196, 470, Hess, GO-Overbo-157-97-1423H-1, Ray, Bakken, t6/12; cum 9K 5/12;
19857, 1,533, KOG, Wood 5-15H, Truax, Bakken, t11/11; cum 311K 10/17;

21298, 1,803, BR, Elizabeth Stroh 34-7MBH, Cabernet, Bakken, t3/12; cum 12K 5/12;

20437, 134, Whiting, White 43-33TFH, Sanish, Bakken, t12/11; cum 117K 2/15;
19819, 1,645, Oasis, Lydia 21-14TFH, Bell, Bakken, t9/11; cum 163K 2/15;
20787, 1,282, Oasis, Herbert 5602 43-9H, Bull Butte, Bakken, t9/11; cum 126K 2/15;
20786, 1,250, Oasis, Mildred 5602 43-9H, Bull Butte, Bakken, t9/11; cum 129K 2/15;
20400, 2,783, Oasis, Bering 5200 12-29H, Camp, Bakken, t8/12; cum 240K 2/15;
19946, 1,474, Oasis, Spratley 5494 34-13H, Alkali Creek, Bakken, t11/11; cum 626K 4/19;
19846, 1,271, Oasis, Dawson 5494 13-1H, Alkali Creek, Bakken, t10/11; cum 218K 2/15;
21292, 345, Hess, GO-Viall 156-98-13H-1, Wheelock, Bakken, t1/12; cum 23K 2/15;
21225, 995, EOG, Liberty 24-2531H, Parshall, Bakken, t12/11; cum 384K 2/15;
20742, 281, EOG, Fertile 43-2821H, Parshall, Bakken, t9/11; cum 117K 2/15;
20474, 12 (no typo), Baytex, Lystad 23-162-99 1QD, Ambrose, Bakken, t8/11; cum 32K 2/15;

20996, 683, Zenergy, Anderson 17-18H, Painted Woods, Bakken, t12/11; cum 135K 2/15;
20732, 1,718, Zenergy, White 6-7H, Siverston, Bakken, t11/11; cum 253K 2/15;
20093, 638, Zavanna, Skorpil 11-2 1H, Glass Bluff, Bakken, t5/12; cum 160K 2/15;
19959, 1,572, XTO, Walton 42X-19, Bear Den, Bakken, s8/11; t11/11; cum 432K 4/19;
20358, 337, Whiting, Ray 12-27TFH, Sanish, Bakken, t12/11; cum 103K 2/15;
18939, 310, True Oil, Anderson 12-18H, Buffalo Wallow, Bakken, t5/12; cum 55K 2/15;
21087, 410, Sinclair, Highland 2-9H, Sanish, Bakken, t12/11; cum 120K 2/15;
20213, 683, Oasis, Yeiser 5603 42-33H, Bull Butte, Bakken, t10/11; cum 99K 2/15;
21041, 1,415, KOG, 20711 State 1621 1-H, Epping, Bakken, t12/11; cum 134K 2/15;
21037, 684, Hess, Gene 8-1H, Truax, Bakken,  t6/12; cum 127K 2/15;
20793, 507, Hess, BW-Wilson 149-99-3625H-1, Juniper, Bakken, s8/11; t3/12; F; cum 101K 2/15;
21213, 240, HRC/GMX Resources, Frank 31-4-1H, New Hradec, Bakken, t12/11; cum 39K 2/15;
21185, 250, HRC/G3 Operating, State 1-36-25H, Climax, Bakken, t1/12; cum 51K 2/15;
20983, 561, ERF, Hilo 148-94 232B-2H TF, McGregory Buttes, Bakken, t1/12; cum 123K 2/15;
20903, 1,294, Denbury, Loomer 21-4SWH, Tobacco Garden, Bakken, t11/11; cum 209K 2/15;
21162, 50, Crescent Point Energy, CPEC Ridgeway 25-36-163N-101W, Gooseneck, Bakken, t12/11; cum 66K 2/15;
21005, 2,436, BEXP, Borsheim Trust 33-28 1H, Todd, Bakken, t3/12; cum 181K 2/15;

20896, 494, Slawson, Probe 1-19-30HMB, Kittleson Slough, Bakken, t1/12; cum 125K 2/15;
21303, 2,227, Whiting/Kodiak, Koala 2-25-36-16H3, Poe, Bakken, t12/11; cum 182K 2/15;
20415, 362, Whiting, Laukala 34-22TFH, Sanish, Bakken, t9/11; cum 110K 2/15;
20965, 810, QEP, MHA 3-32-33H-148-92, Heart Butte, Bakken, t1/12; cum 82K 2/15;
17967, DRY, MRO, Ivan Hecker USA 41-6H, Murphy Creek, Bakken, total depth 2,000 feet; not enough casing; scuttled well; will re-file for new permit in nearby location ASAP; not "really" dry
20755, 381, Hess, HA-Dahl-152-95-0706H-2, Hawkeye, Bakken, t3/12; cum 247K 2/15;
20978, 634, Enerplus, Red Rocks 149-93-10AH, Mandaree, Bakken, t12/11; cum 127K 2/15;
21193, 125, KOG/North Plains, Ames 15-32-1H, Wildrose, Bakken, t3/12; cum 51K 2/15;
21280, 1,165, Fidelity, Arnold 11-14H, Sanish, Bakken, t12/11; cum 326K 10/17;
20039, 332, Whiting, Lindseth 11-1TFH, Sanish, Bakken, t8/11; cum 133K 2/15;
19580, 97 (not a typo), Whiting, Eide 11-6h, Dollar Joe, Bakken, t8/11; cum 54K 2/15;
21242, SI/IA, Strike Oil, North Dakota State 36-12, Elmore, Madison (not a Bakken); no production;
21052, 1,684, Helis, Moberg 15-22/15H, Grail, Bakken, t12/11; cum 222K 2/15;
21146, 3,109, Statoil/BEXP, Sjol 5-8 1H, Williston, Bakken, t6/12; cum 206K 2/15;
21126, 1,574, Statoil/BEXP, KLT 24-13 1H, Bull Butte, Bakken, t1/12; cum 127K 2/15;
20999, 2,603, Statoil/BEXP, Cherrey 34-27 1H, Todd, Bakken, t4/12; cum 213K 2/15;
20870, 443, Samson Resources, Marauder 13-24-162-98H, Blooming Prairie, Bakken, t3/12; cum 121K 2/15;
20964, 1,035, QEP, MHA 1-32-33H-148-92, Heart Butte, Bakken, t1/12; cum 110K 2/15;
20150, 575, EOG, Short Prairie 5-2527H, Round Prairie, Bakken, t9/11; cum 107K 2/15;
20837, 725, Samson Resources, Thomte 8-5-163-99H, Ambrose, Bakken, t1/12; cum 258K 10/17;
20321, 1,010, MRO, Tim Eckelberg 44-22H, Bailey, Bakken, t12/11; cum 182K 2/15;
19817, 212, KOG, Skunk Creek 2-8-17-15H, South Fork, Bakken, t1/12; cum 180K 2/15;
19660, 223, CLR, McKenzie 1-34H, Mondak, Bakken, t12/11; cum 108K 2/15;
20114, 1,338, XTO, FBIR Darcie 34X-14, Heart Butte, Bakken, t12/11; cum 126K 2/15;
20378, 225, Whiting, Ness 44-21TFH, Sanish, Bakken, t8/11; cum 88K 2/15;
19751, 707, Whiting, Lindseth 12-1TFH, Sanish, Bakken, t8/11; cum 150K 2/15;
21258, 962, SM Energy, Nora 13-9H, Poe, Bakken, t12/11; cum 227K 2/15;
21211, 1,026, MRO, Goodbird USA 44-7H, Deep Water Creek Bay, Bakken, t2/12; cum 204K 2/15;
21157, 683, Hess, GO-Golden Valley-157-96-2833H-1, Ray, Bakken, t3/12; cum 85K 2/15;
20591, 2,656, Helis, Jones 4-15/22H, Blue Buttes, Bakken, t4/12; cum 416K 7/15; 
20565, 535, EOG, Fertile 40-1718H, Parshall, Bakken, t8/11; cum 126K 2/15;
20021, 746, Whiting, Regina Annala 12-33TFH, Sanish, Bakken, t8/11; cum 101K 2/15;
21202, 978, KOG/North Plains Energy, Schilke 16-21-1H, Wildcat, Bakken, t10/12; cum 85K 2/15;
20716, 2,983, BEXP, Marvin 27-34 1H, Camp, Bakken, t11/11; cum 187K 2/15;
20482, 809, QEP, Shaffer 1-27-22H-155-102, Squires, Bakken, t11/11; cum 135K 2/15;
21069, 553, KOG, Charging Eagle 15-22-15-3H3, Twin Buttes, Bakken, t11/11; cum 200K 2/15;
21156, 248, Hess, GO-Meyer-157-96-2116H-1, Midway, Bakken, t4/12; cum 35K 2/15;
20719, 890, Denbury Onshore, Bergem 44-28NWH, Tobacco Garden, Bakken, t11/11; cum 85K 2/15;
21138, 2,555, Statoil/BEXP, Gathman 30-19 1H, Painted Woods, Bakken, t12/11; cum 163K 2/15;
20171, 2,003, Statoil/BEXP, Erickson 8-17 2H, Painted Woods, Bakken, t11/11; cum 147K 2/15;
19692, 1,719, WLL, Brehm 42-35H, Sanish, Bakken, t8/11; cum 183K 2/15;
19469, 424, WLL, Schneider 12-12TFH, Demores, Bakken, t8/11; cum 52K 2/15;
21014, 472, CLR, Marcy 1-24H, Oliver, Bakken, t12/11; cum 130K 2/15;
21010, 816, CLR, Bismarck 1-9H, Brooklyn, Bakken, t11/11; cum 173K 2/15;
20326, 2,083, BR, Midnight Run 31-1TFH, Union Center, Bakken, t12/11; cum 217K 2/15;
20907, 1,430, BEXP, Barstad 23-14 1H, Alger, Bakken, t12/11; cum 215K 2/15;
21040, 353, HRC/Petro-Hunt, Helstad 158-99-34D-27-1H, Ellisville/Wildcat, Bakken, t12/11; cum 110K 2/15;
19992, 1,181, Whiting, Marmon 11-18TFH, Sanish, Bakken, t8/11; cum 108K 2/15;
20492, 717, SM Energy, Dahl 4-27H, West Ambrose, Bakken, t11/11; cum 270K 2/15;
21121, 1,231, Slawson, Spyder 1-17H, Big Bend, Bakken, t12/11; cum 112K 2/15;
20872, 3,694, Oasis, Borden Federal 5300 24-34H, Willow Creek, Bakken, t9/11; cum 255K 2/15;
20410, 1,187, Oasis, Ross 5603 42-10H, Bull Butte, Bakken, t9/11; cum 135K 2/15;
20409, 1,247, Oasis, Emerald 5603 42-10H, Bull Butte, Bakken, t9/11; cum 123K 2/15;
20314, 3,365, Oasis, Lewis Federal 5300 31-31H, Wildcat, Bakken, t8/11; cum 174K 3/14;
20461, 527, Hess, Bell 14-1H, Wildcat--> Antelope Creek, Bakken,
19922, 268, EOG, Sidonia 26-2413H, Clear Water, Bakken,
21124, 602, CLR, Tallahassee 1-21H, Indian Hill, Bakken,
20734, 1,093, XTO, Bennie Peer 14X-34, Mondak, Bakken,
21250, 2,568, Slawson, Gabriel 3036-25H, North Tobacco Garden, Bakken, t11/11; cum 55K 5/12;
21055, 300, Hunt, Nichols 2-10-15H 2, Ross, Bakken,
21001, 675, Fidelity, Debbie 13-15H-22, Sanish, Bakken, t11/11; cum 114K 9/15;
21030, 480, CLR, Pierre 1-21H, Dollar Joe, Bakken,
21062, 2,943, BEXP, Rose 12-13 1H, Avoca, Bakken, t10/11; cum 93K 5/12;
19762, 668, Whiting, Newcomb 12-31TFH, Sanish, Three Forks, t8/11; cum 128K 2/15;
20683, 1,419, Denbury Onshore, Satter 31-1SWH, Siverston, Three Forks, t11/11; cum 152K 2/15;
20535, 698, HRC/G3 Operating, Peterson Trust 1-5-8H, Wildcat/Good Luck, Bakken,  t11/11; cum 84K 3/14;
21216, 558, CLR, Raleigh 1-20H, Dollar Joe, Bakken, 
9446, 10, Murex, Reistad 1-1R, Wildcat, Red River (not a Bakken); an interesting well; look at the permit number -- originally drilled in 1982 -- DRY; then re-entered 3/11 with an IP of 10; located in the far northwest corner of the state; 
18075, 764, Zavanna, Jaguar 1-22H, Stony Creek, Bakken. Interesting back story: this permit was issued a couple of years ago; I had it on my "watch" list, but nothing seemed to happen; then this well and several other Zavanna permits were renewed: and, lo and behold, we now have a well; it's taken awhile; t3/12; cum 38K 5/12
20327, 2,443, BR, Midnight Run 41-1TFH, Union Center, Bakken, t12/11; cum 143K 3/14;
20709, 773, Statoil/BEXP, Enns 28-21 1H, Kittleson Slough, Bakken, 33 stages; 3.8 million lbs total; 2.3 million lbs ceramics; t10/11; cum 137K 2/15;
19669, 1,179, XTO, Crystal 14X-34, Mondak, Bakken,
20393, 618, Whiting, Lacey 12-10TFH, Sanish, Bakken, 25 stages; 1.6 million lbs total; all sand
20043, 200, Whiting, Peplinski 34-9, Wildcat, Red River (not a Bakken),
20495, 1,413, MRO, Pennington USA 31-4H, Reunion Bay, Bakken, 30 stages; 2.3 million lbs total; sand frac; no details; t12/11; cum 491K 4/19;
20112, 237, EOG, Hardscrabble 10-2536H, Eightmile, Bakken, I did not see a frack report; t1/12; cum 105K 2/15;
20835, 780, Denbury Onshore, Sorenson 31-28SWH, Siverston, Bakken, 22 stages; 2.2 million lbs total; sand frack; no details
19791, 193, XTO, Jeffrey 24X-10, Wildcat, Bakken,
20722, 215, OXY USA, Ankenbauer 160-90-34-P-1H, Dimond, Bakken, 21 stages, 2.8 million lbs total; sand frac; t11/11; cum 107K 7/15;
20974, 730, MRO, Boy Chief USA 11-15TFH, Moccasin Creek, Bakken, I did not see frack report; t1/12; cum 155K 7/15;
20914, 155, Hess, EN-Rehak A-155-94-1423H-2, Manitou, Bakken, t2/12; cum 126K 7/15;
21015, 740, CLR, Juneau 1-2H, Brooklyn, Bakken, 30 stages; 2.5 million lbs total; sand frack; no details, t11/11; cum 125K 7/15;
21058, 1,128, BR, Logan 24-8H, Haystack Butte, Bakken, t2/12; cum 56K 7/15;
20980, 2,708, BEXP, Hawkeye 16-21 1H, Todd, Bakken, t11/11; cum 172K 3/14;
20966, 3,082, BEXP, William 25-36 1H, Camp, Bakken, 39 stages; 4 million lbs total; 2.4 million lbs ceramics; t11/11; cum 146K 2/13;
20587, 97, Baytex, Colby 23-14-160-99H, Burg, Three Forks, 20 stages; 1.9 million lbs; sand frack; no details; t8/11; cum 35K 2/13;
19133, 39, Baytex, Redfield 25-36-157-99H, wildcat, Bakken, 20 stages; 1.9 million lbs; sand frack; no details; t8/11; cum 54K 2/13;
19668, 563, XTO, Drannen Federal 14X-34, Mondak, Bakken, t2/12; cum 7K 5/12;
20613, 1,780, Whiting, Lacey 14-3XH, Sanish, Bakken, 30 stages; 2.1 million lbs total; all sand;
20187, 1,145, Whiting, Peterson 34-35TFH, Sanish, Bakken (Three Forks),
21192, 2,148, Newfield, Bernice 150-99-20-17-1H, South Tobacco Garden, Bakken,
20027, 528, Hunt, Halliday 1-30-31H 1, Werner, Bakken,
18129, 2,526, Dakota-3, Ethan Hall 14HC, McGregory Buttes, Bakken, t11/11; cum 178K 7/15;
21290, 1,068, BR, Red Wing 16-1H, Bull Moose/wildcat, Bakken, t5/12; cum 48K 7/15;
20031, 868, Whiting, Peterson 43-25TFH, Sanish, Bakken, t5/12; cum 1,000 bbls 5/12;
21171, 450, Resource Drilling, LLC, Halvorson 14-13 1H, Clear Water, Bakken, as of February 13, 2012, this is Resource Drilling's first and only permit in North Dakota
20913, 796, Hess, EN-Rehak a-155-94-1423H-1, Manitou, Bakken,
20532, 3,088, BEXP, Garmann 19-18 1H, Banks, Bakken, t8/12; cum 107K 2/13;
21038, 454, Slawson, Cannonball Federal 3-27-34H, Van Hook, Bakken,
20457, 869, Hess, Hovden 15-1H, Little Knife, Bakken,
20168, 740, Hess, Beck Living Trust 15-20H, Wheelock, Bakken,
20374, 980, Whiting, Troy TTT 12-6TFH, Sanish, Bakken,
20940, 834, Hess, EN-Hynek-155-93-0112H-2, Alger, Bakken,
20797, 1,208, CLR, Entzel 1-26H, Cabernet, Bakken, this is interesting -- OXY USA just reported a nice well in the Cabernet after a fair period of no activity in this field; t12/11; cum 443K 4/19;
19994, 804, Whiting, Eric Nesheim 21-24TFH, Sanish, Bakken,
21050, 238, Samson Resources, Calistoga 18-7-161-92HOR, Black Slough, Bakken,
20517, 658, Dakota-3, Joseph Eagle 2-19H, Mandaree, Bakken,
20898, 472, CLR, Jerry 1-8H, Poe, Bakken,
20757, 287, Samson Resources, Lark 29-32-162-96H, Juno, Bakken,
21047, 975, CLR/Newfield, Sodbuster 155-99-6-7-1H, Epping, t4/12; cum 25K 5/12; 
19896, 273, Dakota-3, Mandan 13-14H, Reunion Bay, Bakken,
21152, 901, CLR, Mack 4-2H, Antelope, Bakken,
20802, 533, CLR, Palmer 1-25H, Haystack Butte, Bakken,
20998, 3,024, BEXP, Charles 3-10 2H, Todd, Bakken, t4/12; cum 97K 2/13;
20408, 1,824, Whiting, Kummer 34-31H, Pleasant Hill/wildcat, Bakken, t8/11; cum 130K 7/15;
19714, 653, Whiting, Kernan 12-10TFH, Sanish, Bakken, t8/11; cum 104K 7/15;
20941, 633, Hess, EN-Hynek-155-93-0112H-3, Alger, Bakken, t1/12; cum 131K 7/15;
18427, 876, OXY USA, Matthew Schmidt 1-35-2H-143-97, Cabernet, Bakken, t5/10; cum 157K 3/14;
20985, 1,049, ERF, Hawaii 148-04 23A-1H, McGregory Buttes, Bakken,

20867, 534, SM, Stepanek 1-18H, Elk, Bakken, 
20342, 1,430, Petro-Hunt, USA 153-95-4B-9-1H, Charlson, Bakken, t11/11; cum 972K 4/19;
20843, 421, CLR, Schilke 1-30H, Upland, Bakken,
20436, 1,277, BR, Scott 31-36MBH, Murphy Creek, Bakken, t11/11; cum 23K 6/12;
20310, 131, Petro-Hunt, Fredrickson 160-94-28B-33-2H, Bakken, North Tioga, 

20754, 523, Hess, EN-Erickson-157-93-1003H-1, Sorkness, Bakken,
20696, 323, Hess, EN-Meiers A-156-93-13H-1, Alger, Bakken, 18 stages; 1.5 million lbs; almost all ceramics -- 1.24 million lbs of ceramics
20569, 68, Baytex, Geralyn Marie 34-163-99H-1DQ, Ambrose, Bakken, Three Forks, I couldn't find frack data; t7/11; cum 221K 4/19;noted two target zones in the three Forks;

20294, 704, Petro-Hunt, Boss 154-99-18B-17-1H, Stockyard Creek, Bakken, 24 stages; 3.15 million lbs sand fracture
20593, 1,201, Lime Rock Resources/Fidelity, Edith 14-29H-32, Stanley, t2/12; cum 209K 9/15;
18996, 2,064, BR, Berlin 34-14H, Crooked Creek, Bakken, t11/11; cum 153K 10/17;
19960, 1,666, XTO, Kaye 443X-4, Lost Bridge, Bakken, 30 stages; 3.5 million lbs sand; t12/11; cum 485K 10/17;
20293, 425, Whiting, Fladeland 13-18TFH, Sanish, Three Forks, 30 stages; 1.8 million lbs sand
19742, 189, Slawson, Condor 1-36-25H, Wildcat, Bakken,
21017, 30, Luff Exploration, Hansen P-21H, Haley, Red River (not a Bakken),
21140, 862, Hess, BL-Iverson B-155-95-0708H-1, Beaver Lodge, Bakken,
20675, 534, Hess, Regeth 22-1H, Murphy Creek, Bakken, 38 stages; 4.1 million lbs total; 3.35 mil lbs ceramic
20731, 1,598, Zenergy, Hagen 31-30H, Banks, Bakken, 30 stages; 2.7 million lbs sand
19441, 2,196, Whiting, Dry Creek 44-20TFH, Roosevelt, Bakken, t8/11; cum 255K 10/17;
19159, 912, OXY USA, Reuben Schneider 1-27-34H-143-96, Fayette, Bakken, 
19932, 815, Oasis, Bay Creek Federal 4701 11-5H, Mondak, Bakken,
19639, 2,414, Oasis, Cook 5300 42-12H, Willow Creek, Bakken,
19638, 2,563, Oasis, Davis 5300 42-12H, Crazy Man Creek, Bakken, t9/12; cum 88K 7/13;
20008, 288, EOG, Lostwood 22-1423H, Kittleson Slough, Bakken,
21118, 800, Zenergy, Cliffside 12-11H, Assiniboine, Bakken,
20303, 763, MRO, Kovaloff 41-17H, Murphy Creek, Bakken,
20710, 606, CLR, Barkley 1-5H, Twin Valley, Bakken,

20723, 279, Petro-Hunt, Hokanson 158-99-32D-29-1H, Bakken, Ellisville/wildcat, t11/11; cum 104K 7/15;
18216, 30, Williston Exploration, Vanvig 1, Tracy Mountain/Wildcat, Tyler, Williston Exploration, LLC,'s first well; 28-138-102; 35 miles southwest of Dickinson, right where you would expect a wildcat Tyler to be drilled; t7/12; cum 52K 11/16;
20394, 433, XTO, Haugen 13X-34, Wildcat, Bakken,
20814, 770, CLR, McGinnity 3-15H, Stoneview, Bakken, t4/12; cum 20K 5/12;

20227, 1,060, Whiting, Fladeland 14-18WH, Sanish, Bakken, t7/11; cum 238K 11/16;
20091, 1,229, EOG, Horse Camp 2-11H, Mandaree, Bakken, t10/11; cum 179K 7/15;
20090, 392, EOG, Horse Camp 101-11H, Mandaree, Bakken, 
18961, 414, EOG, Kandiyohi 5-3031H, Clear Water, Bakken, 
18684, 94, EOG, Kandiyohi 1-19H, Clear Water, Bakken, 
20984, 630, ERF, Kona 148-94-23B-3H, McGregory Buttes, Bakken, t12/11; cum 124K 7/15;
19787, 101, SM Energy/Baytex, Redfield 14-23-157-99H, Lone Tree/wildcat, Bakken, t7/11; cum 81K 7/15;
19754, 83, SM Energy/Baytex, Grundstad 10-162-99H, Ambrose, Bakken,  t5/11; cum 98K 7/15;

20925, 1,029, Oasis/Zenergy, Iverson 14-11H, Painted Wood, Bakken, t10/11; cum 126K 7/15;
19648, 816, Whiting, Mikes Creek Federal 12-30TFH, Elkhorn Ranch, Bakken, t8/11; cum 125K 7/15;
19405, 919, North Plains Energy, Kirby 9-7H, Truax, Bakken, t11/11; cum 129K 7/15;
20748, 599, Liberty Resources/Newfield, Lindy 156-100-10-3-1H, East Fork/Wildcat, Bakken, t5/12; cum 70K 2/13;
20103, 793, ERF, Agave 149-93 06C-4HTF, Mandaree, Bakken,
21128, 692, CLR, Charlotte 2-22H, Banks, Bakken,
20816, 487, CLR, McGinnity 4-15H, Stoneview, Bakken, t3/12; cum 15K 5/12;
21007, 2,788, BEXP, Orville 4-9 1H, Todd, Bakken, t3/12; cum 44K 5/12;

20433, 307, XTO, Albert Federal 42X-12, Mondak, Bakken,
21028, 535, MRO, Paulson 34-9TFH, Bailey, Bakken, t1/12; cum 90K 7/15;
20139, 1,122, MRO, Oren USA 31-6TFH, Van Hook, Bakken,
21042, 1,204, Whiting/KOG, 20711 Mildred 94 1H, Epping, Bakken, t12/11; cum 209K 11/6;
20648, 237, CLR, Grote 1-21H, North Tioga, Bakken,
20506, 717, CLR, Nils 1-25H, Haystack Butte, Bakken,
17636, 1,731, Oasis, Helling Trust 11-15H, Alkali Creek, Bakken,
20815, 325, CLR, Lindell 3-10H, Stoneview, Bakken, 4-section spacing; Stoneview, t3/12; cum 110
K 10/14;
20791, 182, CLR, Madison 1-28H, Dollar Joe, Bakken, t10/11; cum 138K 10/14;
19898, IA/2,421, QEP/Helis, Gabbert 3-3/10H, Grail, Bakken, t10/11; cum 417 1/18;
20717, 3,295, Statoil/BEXP, Hilly 22-15 1H, Camp, Bakken, t11/11; cum 248K 11/6;
20305, 3,431, Equinor/Statoil/BEXP, Charlie Sorenson 17-8 2H, Alger, Bakken, t12/11; cum 429K 4/19;
21102, 914, Hess, EN-Lonetree Farm-156-94-0805H-2, Big Butte, Bakken, t1/12; cum 196K 10/17;
21044, 753, CLR, Catron 1-26H, Little Knife, Bakken, t11/11; cum 104K 10/14;
20105, 737, Zavanna, Crescent Farm 7-6 1H, Wildcat/Glass Bluff, t3/12; cum 42K 5/12;
19100, 342, Whiting, Haystack 11-19TFH, Ash Coulee, Bakken, t9/11; cum 30K 5/12;

20813, 325, CLR, Lindell 2-10H, Stoneview, Stoneview, t3/12; cum 9K 5/12;
20448, 921, EOG, Redmond 21-1807H, Clear Water, Bakken, s4/11; t9/11; cum 36K 11/11
20413, 702, Whiting/KOG, Koala 2-25-36-14H3, Poe, Bakken, t1/12; cum 57K 11/6;
20296, 381, EOG, Ross 30-0915H, Alger, Bakken, s2/11; t9/11; cum 25K 11/11
20202, 2,634, Oasis, Mallard 5692 21-20H, Alger, Bakken, s4/11; 8/11; cum 58K 11/11
20128, 563, EOG, Short Prairie 3-1415H, Round Prairie, Bakken, s4/11; 8/11; cum 26K 11/11
20102, 913, ERF, Birdbear 6C-1H, Mandaree, Bakken, s7/11; t11/11; cum 11K 11/11
19953, 1,543, Oasis, Driesbach 5602 44-32H, Bull Butte, Bakken, s2/11; t8/11; cum 33K 11/11
19419, 652, EOG, Mont 4-3502H, Painted Woods, Bakken, s4/11; t7/11; cum 155K 10/14;

20878, 543, SM Energy, Legaard 4-25H, Wildcat, Bakken, s7/11; t10/11; cum 236K 10/14;
20733, 877, SM Energy, Stenberg 16-8H, Wildcat, Bakken, s7/11; t9/11; cum 241K 10/14;
20295, 184, EOG, Ross 28-1615H, Alger, Bakken Pool, s2/11; t9/11; cum 92K 10/14;Three Forks formation; 15 stages; 2.3 million lbs
19919, 1,648, EOG, Liberty LR 21-36H, Van Hook, Bakken, s2/11; t7/11; cum 508K 4/19; 31 stages; 4 million lbs, no ceramics; choked down to less than half-inch; middle Bakken
19348, 995, EOG, Round Prairie 7-1522H, Painted Wood, Bakken, s3/11; t7/11; cum 148K 10/14; 26 stages, 4.1 million lbs; no ceramics; middle Bakken
20139, 626, Slawson, Sauger Federal 3-22H, Van Hook, Bakken, 28 stages, 2.6 million lbs; t12/11; cum 152K 10/14;
20993, 512, CLR/Newfield, Chrome 155-99-18-19-1H, Epping, Bakken, t4/12; cum 187K 10/14;
20790, 2,691, BEXP, Brown 30-19 2H, Alger, Bakken, 37 stages, 4 million lbs (2.4 million lbs ceramics); middle Bakken; t10/11; cum 200K 10/14;
20499, 708, ERF, Fox Ridge 10-21H, Mandaree, Bakken, t12/11; cum 143K 10/14;
20217, 1,755, Whiting, Brehm 41-25XH, Sanish, Bakken, t7/11; cum 218K 10/14;
20359, 96, WPX/Dakota-3, Bear Den 24-13H2, Spotted Horn, Bakken, t10/11; cum 506K 4/19;
20271, 592, QEP, MHA 5-13-14H-150-91, Deep Water Creek, Bakken, t12/11; cum 136K 10/14;
20203, IA/833, Slawson, Stallion 2-1-12H, Big Bend, Bakken, t1/12; cum 439K 8/18; offline as of 8/18;
19180, 1,272, Lime Rock Resources/OXY USA, Lamey 1-30-31H-143-96, Fayette, Bakken, t7/11; cum 342K 4/19;
19089, TA/2,500, Newfield, Sand Creek State 1-16H, Sand Creek, Bakken, t1/12; cum 182K 4/16;
20936, 1,481, Denbury Onshore, Loomer 24-34SEH, Tobacco Garden, Bakken, t10/11; cum 157K 10/14;
20792, 265, Samson Resources, Pelican 26-35-162-96H, Baukol Noonan, Bakken, t1/12; cum 59K 10/14;
20753, 231, Hunt, Redwing 1-3-10H 1, Bear Butte, Bakken, t11/11; cum 55K 10/14;
20712, 2,575, Statoil/BEXP, Topaz 20-17 1H, Banks, Bakken, t12/11; cum 268K 4/18;
20364, 20 (no typo), Lime Rock Resources/OXY USA, Jacobson 160-90-6-P-1H, Dimond, Bakken, 21 stages, 1.11 million lbs; s7/11; 11/11; cum 88K 4/18;
20060, 258, Whiting, Binstock 21-30TFH, Gaylord, Bakken, TVD's: upper Bakken, 10,387; middle Bakken, 10,390; lower Bakken, 10,391; Three Forks, 10,392; 30 stages; 1.64 million pounds proppants; no ceramics; Stark County; s7/11; t11/11; cum 38K 4/18;
19481, 1,094, Hess, Barney 18-1H, Truax, Bakken, t1/12; cum 315K 4/18;
20901, 1,231, Hess, EN-Weyrauch B-154-93-3031H-1, Robinson Lake, Bakken, t12/11; cum 381K 4/19;
20462, 741, Hess, Helga Stenseth 29-1H, Ellsworth, Bakken, t12/11; cum 188K 4/18;
19683, 766, QEP, MHA 2-13-14H-150-91, Deep Water Creek, Bakken, t12/11; cum 230K 4/18;

20772, 1,181, Hess, EN-Enger-156-94-1423H-1, Big Butte, Bakken, t12/11; cum 260K 4/18;
19972, 2,705, Whiting, Oppeboen 14-5WH, Sanish, Bakken, t7/11; cum 447K 4/19;
19810, 741, Whiting, Dietz 21-18TFH, Gaylord, Bakken, t7/11; cum 80K 4/18;
20902, 970, Hess, EN-Weyrauch B-154-93-3031H-1, Robinson Lake, Bakken, t12/11; cum 315K 4/18;
20713, dry, Statoil/BEXP, Samson 29-32 1H, Banks, Bakken, on DRL status since 7/12/11;
20325, 2,846, BR, Midnight Run 21-1MBH, Union Center, Bakken, t12/11; cum 330K 4/19; off-line as of 12/17; back on line 7/18 with big jump in production; no evidence it was re-fracked;

20959, 299, Hunt, Palermo 1-2-1H-1, Ross, Bakken, t1/12; cum 151K 4/19;
20935, 165, XTO/Denbury Onshore, Loomer 24-34 NEH, Tobacco Garden, Bakken, t10/11; cum 291
K 4/18;
20738, 1,496, Hess, HA-Mogen-152-95-0805H-2, Hawkeye, Bakken; s7/11; t12/11; producing 44K in its first full month of production; 38 stages; 3.7 million lbs including 3.5 million pounds ceramics (Econoprop); Three Forks; cum 618K 4/18;

20451, 3,502, Whiting, Nesheim 11-24XH, Sanish, Bakken, t7/11; cum 447K 4/18;
20422, 684, Slawson, Howitzer 2-25H, Big Bend, Bakken, t10/11; cum 272K 4/18;
20375, 1,011, Niels 32-29 1H, Stockyard Creek, Bakken, t4/12; cum 368K 4/18;
20109, 756, XTO, Marilyn 21X-23, Capa, Bakken, t10/11; cum 195K 4/18;
19479, 245, EOG, Clayton 01-35H, Little Butte, Bakken, t9/11; cum 96K 4/18;
20895, 2,301, Newfield, Syverson 150-99-36-25-1H, Siverston, Bakken, t1/11; cum 210K 9/17; off line since 10/15;
20947, 701, CLR, Honolulu 1-22H, Indian Hill, Bakken, t9/11; cum 195K 4/18;
20086, 1,266, Petro-Hunt, Fort Berthold 150-94-3B-10-1H, Spotted Horn, Bakken; t1/12; cum 499K 4/19;
20845, 2,151, Statoil/BEXP, Art 6-7 1H, Sugar Beet, Bakken, t9/11; cum 242K 4/18;
20596, 101, Whiting/KOG, Smokey 15-22-34-15H, Pembroke, Bakken, t1/12; cum 230K 4/18;
20189, 1,658, Whiting, Tiisto 14-12XH, Sanish, Bakken, t7/11; cum 418K 4/18;
20669, 609, Hess, EN-Person-156-94-1102H-2, Big Butte, Bakken, t1/12; ccum 169K 4/18;
20553, 506, HRC/G3 Operating, Rasmussen 1-25-36H, Strandahl, Bakken, t10/11; cum 120K 11/6;
20069, 741, EOG, Round Prairie 3-0706H, Round Prairie, Bakken, t9/11; cum 122K 7/14;
20051, 1,169, MRO, Red Feather USA 21-17H, Reunion Bay, Bakken, t12/11; cum 279K 4/18;
19777, 343, Petro-Hunt, Erickson 157-101-13B-24-1H, Otter/Wildcat, Bakken, t9/11; cum 122K 4/18;
21002, 384, Thunderbird/GMX Resources, Wock 21-2-1H, New Hradec, Bakken, t10/11; cum 92K 4/19;
21000, 499, Hess, MC-Schollmeyer-144-94-2116H-1, Murphy Creek, Bakken, t10/11; cum 167K 4/18;
20994, 1,077, Sinclair, Uran 3-15H, Sanish, Bakken, t12/11; cum 214K 4/18;
20926, 2,682, KOG, Skunk Creek 12-10-11-9H3, South Fork, Bakken, t10/11; cum 317K 4/19;
20869, 92, Samson Resources, Regal 12-1-162-98H, Blooming Prairie, Bakken, t3/12; cum 60K 4/18;
20275, 2,924, Oasis, Kline Federal 5300 11-18H, Wildcat, Bakken, t7/11; cum 246K 4/18;
20184, 2,033, Whiting, Snyder 21-11H, Sanish, Bakken, t7/11; cum 434K 4/19;
19736, 653, Oasis, Lynn 5502 11-10H, Squires, Bakken, t12/11; cum 135K 4/18;
19967, 809, Whiting, Talkington 21-30TFH, Bell, Bakken, t7/11; cum 195K 4/18;
20721, 523, Slawson, Mustang 2-22H, Van Hook, Bakken, t12/11; cum 219K 4/19;
20779, 75, Lime Rock Resources/OXY USA, Haroldson 160-91-14-D-1H, Dimond, Bakken, t9/11; cum 88K 4/18;
20780, 2,190, QEP/Helis, Henderson 1-28/33H, Grail, Bakken, t6/12; cum 508K 4/18;

20528, 2,892, BR, Chuckwagon 21-15MBH, Sand Creek, Bakken, t12/11; cum 167K 4/19;
20970, 388, CLR, Boise 1-24H, Brooklyn Bakken, t10/11; cum 230K 4/18;
20756, 419, CLR/Samson Resources, Stork 20-17-162-96H, Juno, Bakken, t12/11; cum 84K 4/18;

20735, 72, Crescent Point, CPEC Lancaster 2-11-162N-102W, Wildcat/Alkabo, Bakken; 25 stages; 2 million lbs sand and ceramic; far northwest corner of North Dakota, just west of Fortuna (about as far northwest in ND as you can get;) t11/11; cum 74K 4/18;
20629, 929, CLR, Patterson 1-13H, Camp, Bakken, t10/11; cum 330K 4/18;
20588, 1,492, Statoil/BEXP, Mrachek Trust 22-15 1-H, Elk, Bakken, t9/11, cum 1175K 4/18;
20454, 1,005, MRO, Goodbird USA 34-7H, Deep Water Creek, Bakken, t1/12; cum 265K 4/18;
20405, PA/830, MRO, Boy Chief USA 11-15H, Moccasin Creek, Bakken, t12/11; cum 52K 4/14;
20312, 559, Hess, Moran 15-1H, Antelope Creek, Bakken, t1/12; cum 156K 4/18;
20059, 1,357, Whiting, Waldock 14-4XH, Sanish, Bakken, t7/11; cum 295K 4/18;
20036, 2,331, XTO, FBIR Smith 11X-10, Heart Butte, Bakken, t10/11; cum 460K 4/19;
19876, IA/2,879, Statoil/BEXP, Enderud 9-4 1H, Banks, Bakken, t10/11; cum 313K 4/18; IA since 9/17;
19766, 252, CLR, Greenawalt 1-33H, Temple, Bakken, t9/11; cum 74K 4/18;
19429, 683, CLR/Newfield, Hunter 1-8H/1-H Hunter 17-20, Epping, Bakken, t6/12; cum 219K 4/18;